This page documents African-American Veterans from the Champaign-Urbana area who served in World War II. These images come from the Marian Jones scrapbook, Doris K. Wylie Hoskins Archive for Cultural Diversity. Please add additional information about these veterans, their families, and their lives before and after the war.


Davenport Donaldson, James H. Baucom, E.C. Hursey, Clyde Bradley, Ross Howell, Robert Lee Ewing

Lewis Davis, Al McKinley, R.L. Fitzgerald, Charles Taylor, ? Aldridge, ? Anderson, Clarence Hill, Shelby Warren.

L. Tinsley, H.V. Wade, I.K. McKinzie, Elsa Utley, Edress E. Knox, Diego M. Brown.

Robert Felder, Carey Lee, James H. Baucom, Lloyd D. Uptegrow, Horace Clay, Ross Howell, Davenport Donaldson.

Harry Anderson, Clyde Bradley, E.C. Hursey, Robert Lee Ewing, and Clyde H.K. Young

Alonzo D. Ransom, James H. Taylor, Joseph McDowell