On December 3, 2013 Champaign City Council passed an ordinance allowing for backyard hens within the city limits. This ordinance states that:

  • A license must be issued to legally raise hens.
  • No roosters allowed.
  • Up to 6 hens allowed.
  • Coops may only be located in the back yard.
  • Only residents of single family and two-family homes are eligible for a coop license.
  • The coop must have a minimum of four square feet per hen.  The run must have a minimum of eight square feet per hen and be covered on all sides, including the top.
  • Residents who do not comply with Sec. 7-19 – Hens and all applicable sections of the Champaign
    Municipal Code will be subject to enforcement action.

  Benefits of keeping chickens include fresh food, soil improvements, a fun topic of conversation with others, and knowing where your food comes from.

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