After 4 years at Southern Illinois University in law enforcement and security management, Brian Bell worked in the private security field with a specialization in information technology. He is now project coordinator and part time faculty at Parkland Community College specializing in computer literacy as coordinator of an NSF and Illinois Department of Commerce Digital Divide grant. He operates Parkland’s Illinois WorkNet Center for service to the unemployed and teaches multiple sections in the Computer Science and Information Technology Department carrying out the Digital Equality Initiative. Brian also worked at Don Moyers Boys and Girls Club developing and teaching, Crossroads Community Church developing computer curriculum at the middle school level, and Urban League of Champaign‐Urbana where he set up and coordinated a community technology center. Currently Brian has been tirelessly devoted to establishing public computing centers in vulnerable locations throughout the Champaign-Urbana community. This is accomplished by the donation of computers obtained from local and national corporations, refurbished then redistributed throughout the community. Brian believes access to technology is the first step in bridging the digital divide.

Brian was featured in Difference Makers 2010: An eBlack Champaign-Urbana Publication and a panelist at eChicago in 2011 and 2012.


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