The Bristol Park Neighborhood Plan is a document released by the City of Champaign in February 2011.​  Download the document: Bristol Park Neighborhood Plan.

An excerpt from the introduction describes the plan's purpose:

The purpose of the plan is to provide guidance to the City and a future neighborhood group for specific actions on how to revitalize the neighborhood. The Bristol Park Neighborhood Plan establishes a vision for area revitalization as directed by the 2007 City Council goal, “Develop a Redevelopment Plan for Bristol Place Neighborhood.”

The neighborhood plan is a comprehensive analysis of all the neighborhood’s strengths and weaknesses. It is intended to be a holistic plan that addresses physical issues, such as vacant lots and declining housing stock as well as social issues, such as the need for more activities for children in the neighborhood.​

The Plan provides policy guidance to the City so that projects and initiatives are pursued in a strategic manner. This approach helps the City and others decide what needs to be done and how. It also provides direction regarding the priority level of the various activities. In addition, a formalized plan will strengthen the City’s capabilities to leverage outside resources. It is intended to be used by both the City and the neighborhood groups when applying for grants and other funding. Furthering the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the Bristol Park Neighborhood Plan places an emphasis on investing in neighborhoods in the City’s core. The Plan aims to be sustainable by creating positive changes in the neighborhood that will have a lasting impact.

map of Bristol Park from the plan's introduction












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