This page describes bugs encountered within the CU Wiki (and potentially the localwiki in general). Please read through the headings to make sure there isn't already a similar topic before you write up a new bug.

If it is a serious problem (e.g. you can't edit the site, part of the site is broken) please still write about it here, and send an email here.


  1. Facebook "Like" Button
  2. Images disappear when dragged in WYSIWYG editor
  • Facebook "Like" button

    • I had an experience where I was logged into one of my fb page profiles in one tab, then in the cuwiki tab when I scrolled down to see the fb stuff, it recognized my fb account, and had a picture of my root personal profile that all my page profiles are related to and asked if I wanted to switch to that.  So far so good - it was showing me it's robustness.  A major crash happened though when I clicked on the image/link it offered me to switch to my root profile and like the page.  Not only did the cuwiki tab crash, but all the other tabs I had open as well.  My browser didn't quit, but rather all the tabs I had open wouldn't respond.  It was pretty bad and discouraging.  I've experienced the iphone facebook app crashing often too.  We definitely don't want to be associated with causing problems. BrianZelip; Oct 17, 2012.
  • Images disappear when dragged in WYSIWYG editor

    • The page LGBT Friendly Businesses is plagued with a weird bug!  It contains a number of pictures, and whenever one of the pictures is dragged to a new position in the page, every other picture on the page suddenly disappears.  This has happened whether the pictures were in a table, list, or just hanging out by themselves.  I had to manually move the pictures around using the HTML source.  I have not checked whether this bug happens in other pages. Sandbergja; 2012-12-02
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