CU Fruit Map is an editable Google map of fruit trees that was created around 2009 by a guy named Jacob who lived in La Casa Grande Colectiva.  There is a facebook page associated with the map.

An updated version created in 2022 is here . For edit access, contact cufruitmap[NUM] and replace [NUM] with the number that results when you multiply 10x20. (Sorry for the math... just trying to prevent email scrapers from spamming)

For additional information about trees and public landscaping in Champaign-Urbana, there is the University of Illinois Tree Map .

ALWAYS BE CAUTIOUS WHEN FORAGING FOR WILD FOOD! The creators of the Fruit Map cannot guarantee that the location of each tree is 100% accurate, nor can they guarantee that the landscaping has not changed since the time the map was created. Use your best judgement and NEVER eat anything unless you personally are 100% sure of your identification AND have thoroughly researched the plant, its correct harvesting and preparation, and any dangerous lookalikes.

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