Centennial Park is in west Champaign and includes the Sholem Aquatic Center, the Lindsay New American Gardens and Tennis Courts, and lots of open enjoyable space. The park is bounded by John Street on the north and Kirby Ave. on the south, and by Crescent on the east and Kenwood Rd. on the west.

The Champaign Park District acquired approximately 80 acres of land in 1959 at a cost of $161,809. Since then an additional 61 acres of land has been added to the park, and a little over 5 acres of land has been exchanged with the Unit 4 School District. Both Centennial High School and Jefferson Middle School are within the park's boundaries.

"The beautiful Lindsay Gardens and Tennis Complex serves as a reminder that her loving spirit lingers in our community and brings smiles to all that pass this way." from plaque commemorating the gardens and tennis courts to Lisa Lindsay Dodds (1952 - 2009), daughter of Donald and Helen Lindsay.

Water slides at Sholem Aquatic Center in Centennial Park

Here's a cool aerial photo of the park from the Champaign Park District's website