Center of Hope Church  409 E Grove St  Champaign  IL 61820 217-766-4762

The Center of Hope Church in Champaign, Illinois, was founded by Chief Apostle Robert Smith, who is also the pastor, in 1995. The church is situated at 409 E. Grove Street, Champaign, Illinois. Its congregation is made up of African Americans, Latinos, and one Caucasian. As of September 2011, the church had a congregation of 150. The church also carries out a number of philanthropic activities including administering a food bank, and giving free computer lessons and training. They use digital tools regularly, and have posted video of services online to reach those in their congregation who must miss service. They also hope to attract new congregants via the Internet, particularly through social network sites such as Facebook and You Tube.

Chief Apostle Robert L. Smith founded the church in 1995. The church started in the Douglas Center Annex on Grove Street, Champaign, Illinois. Later, the church was moved to 1201 North Champaign Street. After two years at the latter address, the church was moved to its present location of 409 E. Grove Street. In 1997, the church purchased the current building and its annex. It has now been about 10 years since the church moved to its present location.

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