Champaign County Christian Health Center 507 S 2nd St  Champaign IL 61820 217-398-2914



The Champaign County Christian Health Center has been in operation since 2003.  During this time the center has been at a series of different locations. Originally, CCCHC was located in the New Covenant Church. It then moved to Salt & Light, where it stayed until at least 2006.

In 2007, CCCHC moved again, and was sharing space with that of the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District. When the Public Health District moved to their new location on Kenyon Road, CCCHC did so as well.

In mid-2008, the CCCHC opened at their current location, 507 South Second Street.  This marked the first time that the organization had its own permanent space.  According to CCCHC staff, in prior locations CCCHC had operated within significant space constraints. Whenever the clinic was in operation, staff would have to move their equipment out of the storage room, set up, and then break everything down again at the end of the night. Moving to their current location allowed CCCHC to permanently set up operations within their own space: “It cut out a lot of time and a lot of confusion,” said the CCCHC Office Coordinator.

From the beginning, CCCHC has used computers and e-mail in its operations. CCCHC has also always had access to a fax machine and copier.  The Volunteer Reporter program (which is used to record and track volunteer hours), while falling out of use at one point, has also been used by CCCHC since the beginning.

Staff was unsure exactly how long the center’s website had been up (which was originally created by the son of one of the center’s volunteers), although it may have existed from the start. CCCHC’s Facebook Page, on the other hand, is relatively new, having been created about two years ago by the center’s previous volunteer coordinator.

The use of online programs in volunteer scheduling has changed, however, from the system of Excel files used originally. These files would be e-mailed to all of the volunteers whenever a schedule change was made. “The online programs let us be a little less crazy,” said CCCHC Office Coordinator, “I can just have it shared with all my volunteers and update it as needed.”

This mission of the CCCHC has remained virtually the same throughout its existence, and the center continues to expand its offerings to patrons.

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