Christ Community Church is a non-denominational, Acts 29 Network church located in Champaign. The church offices are located in SoDo Theater in downtown Champaign which also normally houses their Sunday services. However on August 28th the church began a trial run to relocate their Sunday service to the building of First United Methodist Church(FUMC) in Urbana, IL. That service occurs at 9:00 AM.

Christ Community Church began in May of 2011 as a small group of 30 people sent by Strartford Park Bible Chapel to start anew church to serve downtown Champaign. They launched publicly on September 11th 2011 with their first Sunday service. The church is led by elders John Elliott, Scott Berkey and Pat Froelich with John Elliott serving as the main teaching pastor and the leader of the church staff. Christ Community uses an internship program to provide much of the rest of their full time staff. Church sermons can be found at