Cunningham Children’s Home  1301 N. Cunningham Ave.  Urbana  IL 61801 217-337-9075

The Cunningham Children’s Home has been a part of the Urbana-Champaign community since 1895. While it started out as an orphanage, the Cunningham Children’s Home now provides residential and education services to severely emotionally disturbed children. They also offer transitional living and independent living opportunities, foster care, and a treatment school.

Cunningham Children's Home Administration Building


The Cunningham Children’s Home has been around since 1895. When it first opened, it was an orphanage. In 1949, the Cunningham Children’s Home began its transition from an orphanage to a residential treatment center. The superintendent at the time had the goal of transforming the campus into a treatment center. She introduced a professional social work philosophy and techniques to Cunningham Children’s Home. Because of her work, the Cunningham Children’s Home eventually met the 1964 Child Welfare of America League definition of a treatment center with social work and therapeutic focus.


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