Dorothy Lyke, 1984

Originally from Long Island where she was born in 1907, Mrs. Lyke lived in Champaign with her son in the early 1980s. "I worked for the lighting company in New York State before I was married. After I got married I quit and took care of the children." Mrs. Lyke's primary interest had always been "my family. Being a mother. I had a baby the first year. The years go by so quickly - I wish I could live them all over again. They were the best of my life," she said in a 1984 interview. She is most proud of her children. "They've been so good and didn't give me any problems. They have good jobs and good lives for themselves. I have nothing to complain about. All my family is married and I'm a great-grandmother. I'm proud of them all, and I've never had any real trouble or anything." She says old age is like any other time in life - there are good and bad things about it.
"We all change from day to day, but there hasn't been anything drastic with me. In opinions and things I feel about the same as always. I cherish friendship more now and care less about bridge and parties and things like that."

Source: Raymond Bial, There is a Season, Champaign County Nursing Home, 1984.