Henry Schrock, 1984

Born in Eureka, Illinois, in 1897, Mr. Schrock lived in Champaign County since 1915. "We moved to Missouri when 1 was five. My dad helped his relatives out there and lost what we had afterward. When 1 was about 18 we all came back and settled in Champaign County because my mom's brother and his wife were here." He farmed for 25 years, then sold real estate and insurance for State Farm Mutual. When he was younger Mr. Schrock liked to play baseball and he has always done a lot of reading and enjoyed traveling. "I took a 10,000 mile trip by bus in 60 days in, 1 think, 1975.1 saw 40 states, five provinces of Canada, and two provinces of Mexico. That was some trip!" He said in an interview in the early 1980s that he is especially proud "of my Christian upbringing and that I raised my children that way too. And I'm proud of my wife's help. I feel very fortunate to be old in our society. We do a lot for older persons. Programs such as this one - housing, and health care all make our lives easier and fuller. My dad didn't have any of this. If I had good legs now, life would be wonderful!"

Source: Raymond Bial, There is a Season, Champaign County Nursing Home, 1984.