Urbana's Market at the Square
7 AM - Noon
(217) 543-2394
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Market Tokens

The Homestead Bakery is based in Arthur, IL, but has a regular booth at the Lincoln Square Farmers' Market in Urbana. The breads, rolls, cookies, cakes, and pies are all baked from scratch by Amish girls. The bakery is located on a stretch of farmland in Arthur, IL (in the heart of Illinois Amish Country) that was originally settled in 1859. They get many visitors at the homestead, especially in the Fall, when their pumpkin patch is open.

They have sold goods at the Urbana market for about 8 years and their best sellers are their cinnamon rolls and their many kinds of bread. They even make 18 flavors of angel food cake!

Prices range from $4 (for chocolate chip cookies) to $9 ( for angel food cake)!