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Since 1939, the Housing Authority of Champaign County (HACC) has provided affordable housing for low-income families and individuals of central Illinois.  The HACC is an important organization in Champaign County, especially in Urbana and Champaign. HACC has had a close relationship with the University of Illinois and in the 1980s HACC worked with the U of I Housing Research Center to redesign public housing communities built in the 1940s. Focus was put on reducing crimes and creating safe spaces for children. Since 2000, much attention has gone to rebuilding and re-conceptualizing existing housing projects.

As with most organizations providing essential services to lower-income communities, funding is always an issue. The constant balance between funding and meeting the needs of residents is a predominant theme in the history of HACC.

The Crystal View Townhomes and Douglass Square are two housing developments that have recently gone through redevelopment. Both communities were originally built in the “barracks” style architecture of the 1950s and the buildings had deteriorated beyond repair. Also, the communities were plagued by high poverty and crime that affected the living standards of the residents. Both developments are now mixed-income communities and HACC has plans to redesign the bulk of their housing as mixed-income residences.

The goal of redeveloping even more of the HACC properties has created some problems for residents. Residents asked to leave the housing development communities have been given Section 8 vouchers, which can be used with private rental companies, but residents are having a difficult time finding housing that fits within the given budget. HACC has said that the redevelopment will not begin until every family has found suitable housing.


  The HACC has expanded its scope of tenant services far beyond housing to include job skills training, in-home education programs and youth programs.  Their goal is to support families and individuals as they strive to gain the education or skills to allow them to become tax-paying citizens  .



 As of 2011, the total number of housing sites overseen by the HACC is 536. This includes 192 family units, 244 elderly units, 84 mixed-population units, and 16 scattered sites.

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