Subgroup (denomination, sect, etc.)
Church of God in Christ
1218 Holiday Drive  Champaign, IL 61821
(217) 351-3546
Service times
(pastor, imam, rabbi, teacher, etc.)
Elder Jerome C. Chambers
Wheelchair accessibility

History of Church

This ministry was established in 1984 with the help Elder Willie F. Newbon of Decatur, Illinois, who became the first pastor. In the home of Elder Norman and Pauline Bigham on Garden Lane in Champaign, the ministry was organized. Included among those who helped establish this church were Dorothy Conley, Emma Chatmon, Walter Bean, Margie Bean and Barbara Gillespie-Washington. The first services were held.

After a short time worshipping in the house, the congregation moved to a location on Vine Street. During this time Elder Donnie Frith and Angela, his wife, joined the church. The church was greatly blessed both spiritually and financially, but was without an official name. At a fellowship gathering at the well-loved Steak ‘N’ Shake” the Lord revealed the name of the church to Brenda Smith. The name “Liberty Temple” was joyfully accepted by the membership. The church continued to grow.

A new location was found on North Market Street. The church prospered here and many were added to the church. The membership also made many capital improvements to this location, to make it a place worthy of praise and worship to God. Many ministries were added and many sons of the gospel were born during this time under the leadership of Elder Newbon, who was guiding two congregations.

After several years, Elder Newbon appointed Elder Donnie Frith as the pastor of this flock and entrusted him with their care. During this time the membership moved to 1218 Holiday Drive in West Champaign. Again the Lord continued to bless in spite of trials and tribulations but the members continued to work and give God the praise.

In September 1999, Pastor Frith left to pursue other career opportunities. Again the now Bishop W. F. Newbon stepped in to give the church spiritual support and find a new shepherd for this congregation. He found the new shepherd, in the person of Elder Jerome C. Chambers of St. Louis, MO and duly appointed him to the church in January 2000, with the support of the membership.

Under the leadership of Pastor Chambers, the church, although struggling, has managed by the help of God and the faith of its members to do great things. The faithful have paid off the church van, installed new air conditioning and heating units, renegotiated and greatly reduced the financial burden of the mortgage to within a few thousand dollars of being retired. The church continues its mission.