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Historic Artists born, working, or died in Champaign-Urbana

19th Century

Alphabetical list of artists born in the 19th century.  Artists with more known about them than basic biographical information will include a link to individual pages.


Name     Dates    Example of Work (if available)                                                                                                                 

Bailey, LaForce


painter, professor

b. April 17, 1894 in Joliet, IL

d. Jan. 15, 1962 in Urbana, IL            

The Mineral Kingdom and Its Effect Upon Society, mural at UIUC

The Mineral Kingdom and Its Effect Upon Society


Lake, Edward John



b. May 5, 1870 Scotland

d. July 1, 1940 Champaign


Manchester street scene, image from Artfact

Mayhew, Nell Brooker

b. 1876

d. 1940

studio space in CU 1906-07​






b. March 6, 1879 Urbana

d. Feb. 23, 1924 Chicago  

no example available, add one if available
Taft, Lorado    
Wetmore, Mary Minerva

b. Feb. 6, 1867 in OH

d. May 23, 1940 in Champaign,IL



Woodroofe, Louise Marie

b. Jan. 28, 1892 Champaign

d. Feb. 15, 1996 Urbana

Summer Cottage, image from Pierce Galleries


20th Century

Parmelee, Olive Buchholz

b. 1913 in IA

studio in Urbana IL

Portrait of artist's father, John Theodore Buchholz, professor at UIUC, plant biologists