Lone Star Lodge, undated. Left to right, first row, R. M. Scott, Secretary; Dawson Banks, Jr., Senior Warden; Alfred Kelker, Worshipful Master; James Willis, Junior Warden; Millard Gray, Treasurer. Back row John Woods, Tyler; Kenneth O. Stratton, Acting Senior Steward; Nathaniel Banks, Junior Deacon; Richard Edwards, Assistant Secretary; John White, Acting Junior Steward; Theotto Bowles, Senior Deacon; Nathan Williams, Chaplain. Not shown above: Eldridge Long, Senior Steward; Howard Rubinson, Junior Steward.

Lone Start Lodge, no. 18, is a predominantly African-American Masonic organization in Champaign-Urbana. The group has been active in the area for over 100 years, and for a number of years had a business on North First Street.