Mary E. Gillon, was born July 1, 1925 at Ronitta, Mississippi. She was one of seven children born to Eugene and Bevvie O. Gillon.  On April 21, 1948, she married Randolph Mullen, and they were blessed with two sons.
In 1967, she became pastor of The Church of the Living God after the founder Elder Lee Munson retired. Counselor Mullen refers to that time as a turbulent time. The gangs were fierce and in large numbers. She was warned not to build the church on 4th and Bradley because the gangs would bum it down. But Evangelist Mullen did not buckle under pressure, in spite of the odds that were set against her. She, along with the building committee, recruited young people to help in the construction of the church. She was determined to do the work of God, and she walked from place to place soliciting help, funds, furniture, and other things needed to help the church . She not only dedicated her life to Christ, but she also dedicated her life to improving the quality oflife that children in the neighborhood and community were receiving. Evangelist
Mullen was responsible for establishing the Church of the Living God Day Care Center. Within that child care center many other things took place. It served as a resource center, a food pantry, a counseling center for young mothers, and a spiritual depo. Counselor Mullens frequently held individual parenting classes for the young and the old. She encouraged families to stay together and find common grounds in which they could raise their children and stay as a family unit. She also talked about the morals and values that one should possess. She encouraged women to live by the word of God and continue to seek God in their lives. It did not matter what race or culture you were, she felt obligated to inform you of the right things in life. Counselor Mullen was the Mother of World War II Veterans, Administrative Representative for Illinois, President of the Carver Park Association and the Pastor Emititus of the Church of the Living God (Love Comer). She was a community, parent/child advocate. All of her teaching has been centered around the blood of Jesus which run's from one to another. Through the many years of her pastoring and community work she has set an example and demonstrated that if you seek you shall find a happiness and a peace that God has promised.

Source: Carol Lewis Papers