Nathaniel Banks is a life‐long resident of Champaign, Illinois. He was educated in the Champaign schools, and graduated from what is now called Champaign Central High. He received his college education at the University of Illinois and has a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Science in Applied Music and Music Education respectively. Upon leaving college, Nathaniel Banks worked as the Assistant Director of the African-American Cultural Program for nine years. He then left campus to become the Principal of Judah Christian High School. He returned to the U of I in 1990 to work in the Office of Minority Student Affairs. Mr. Banks has worked in several capacities in the University including the Director of Upward Bound, the Presidentʹs Leadership Program, Director of the African American Cultural Program and Director of Campus‐Community Interface, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Public Engagement. With Robert Lewis, he formed MoʹBetta Music, a youth, volunteer music organization that has performed at community events. He is also the director of the Urbana High School Jazz Band that participates in local as well as state-wide events. Nathaniel Banks is married to Lisha Banks. They have three sons.

Nathaniel was featured in Difference Makers 2010: An eBlack Champaign-Urbana Publication.