School entrance


2521 Galen Dr.

Champaign, IL 61821



Next Generation School is an independent private school offering superior educational opportunities for students as young as six weeks old through eighth grade. Their campus is located in southwest Champaign.

Next Generation School was established in 2004 by Ms. Barb Sullivan. Many years ago, she set about to create a school that would change the lives of its students; she has done this, and at the same time her students have also had a deep and profound effect on her. Sullivan is honored to call Next Generation School her life’s work. (Website)

When the school opened in 2004, there were only about 5–6 computers in the whole school, because there were only 16 students at that time. There were no websites or blog at that time. The turning point was 4 years ago, when they bought 32 laptop computers, all Macs. According to the IT person, that was the biggest purchase that they made. Since that point they have bought a lab of 21 computers and another of 15 when they were moving into the new building and expanding their middle school.

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