Queen Anne's Lace is a small family owned and operated business in central Illinois. It has goats, honey bees, herbs and medicinal plants that supply many of the fresh ingredients found in its products. It uses many organic ingredients as it can, fresh herbal infusions, local beeswax, raw honey, therapeutic essential oils and fresh milk from its happy goats.

Queen Anne's Lace has a beautiful selection of natural bath and body products.  It started when her daughter started raising goats and her son got into bee keeping.  This family business makes all of their products from scratch and does not use any artificial ingredients.  They currently come to the farmer's market about every other weekend so make sure you catch them!

Queen Anne's Lace address is Villa Grove, IL, Tel:(217) 832-8200

You can email Linda at linda@obergs.net and josie@obergs.net with questions.





They offer:

  • pure beeswax candles (many adorned with real flowers)
  • goats milk soaps ($4 or 4 for $15)
  • natural lotions (garden mint, orange and lavender)
  • raw and herb infused honeys
  • beeswax lip balms
  • organic herbal salves
  • organic deodorant

Beeswax is a special gift from Mother Nature! The candles are made exclusively of 100% pure beeswax from both local and other Midwest bee keepers. Beeswax is said to burn with essentially the same light spectrum as the sun and release negative ions to purify the air and invigorate the body. Beeswax burns longer and cleaner than any other candle, and in accord with this, Queen Anne's Lace only use cotton or hemp wicking.

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