Reneé Angelah

Renée Angelah at Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Renée Angelah  is a former substitute teacher turned Author and Poet, Radio Personality and Homeschool educator of  her daughter with Autism.   Her writing career began in 2006 when she attempted to only express qualities of an ideal man.  As she continued a story developed which formulated into her first novel "In A Dream." While teaching Renée would read her works to students as a means to keep them engaged in writing, it.  As the students appeared to remain interested, it was in that time writing begin to feel more than just a mere hobby, although it would still take another two years before Renee would publish her first works.  In 2008 she received the inspiration to begin a four part motivational series entitled 35 Anu.  The first book, published in 2009 and reissued in 2010, "35 Wishes" outlines the wishes with short explanations of each wish. 




35 Poems

In March 2013 Renee Angelah completed the second installment to the series entitled "35 Poems: Breaking of Anu Dawn."

In A DreamAmidst great chaos, turmoil and adversity in December 2010, Renée released "In A Dream" making it her first romance novel and non fiction work self-published,  It landed on Lulu, a self-publishing website for authors, Best Seller List for the first two weeks of January.

Her weekly community radio program "SoulFull" Thursday Mornings from 6-9am on 90.1 FM WEFT consists of music, news, commentary and interviews.  Currently Renée is recording a Wellness series on WEFT in conjunction with Urbana Public Television entitled "Health & SoulFull Being" where she interviews community healers and thought leaders.  The wellness series is being aired on UPTV Channel 6 as well as compiled in a playlist on her youtube channel.



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