Smith Family Reunion in Flint, Michigan, 1989. Many from C-U were in attendance.

The first annual Smith Family Reunion was held in Champaign-Urbana in 1988. Otha Smith, a railroad employee, moved his family to Gibson City in the early 1990s. Soon afterwards his brother and fellow railroad co-worker W. Yancy, Jr., came with his wife Tishan (who was aged 89 in 1989, and lived in North Champaign). Between the 2 brothers they had 12 children -- most of whom still live in the area with their families. 150 relatives came to the first reunion in 1988. The second reunion was held in Flint, Michigan, in 1989. Smiths from the C-U area include: Earl E. Smith and his wife Margaret Smith, son of William Yancy Smith Jr.; Thelma Smith Pealer, daughter of W. Yancy, Jr.; Bobby Pearson and wife Minnie Pearson, grandson of W. Yancy Jr.; Lucretia A. Pearson, great-grand-daughter of W. Yancy Jr.; Josie M. Cotton, grand-daughter of Otha Smith; Eddie Cotton and wife Cairo Cotton, grandson of Otha Smith; Augustus Tillman and wife Estelle Tillman, grandson of Otha Smith; Thomas Smith and wife Pam Smith, grandson of Otha Smith; Helen Smith McGee and husband Larry McGee, grand-daughter of Otha Smith; Mable Smith Graham and husband Charles Graham, granddaughter of Otha; Shannon Cotton, great-grandson of Otha; Carol Smith Hassell and husband Charles Hassell Jr., great-granddaughter of Otha; Shayonna McGee, great-granddaughter of Otha; Dartanion McGee, great-grandson of Otha. The 1991 reunion was held in St. Paul, Minnesota. The 1993 reunion was held in southern California.