If you find yourself in a situation that requires small talk, but find the topic of weather to be mundane, you might consider the topic of CU squirrels. Squirrels are abundant throughout the University and Campus Town area, and are notoriously bold when it comes to human interaction. 

It is no accident that squirrels run amok through University grounds and surrounding areas. As found via the University of Illinois Archives, in 1901 there was a considerable effort made by the former University President Andrew S. Draper to ensure that squirrels would be brought to the University, due to the "influence...upon the feelings of students". In fact,  there was a recommendation to the Board of Trustees on the matter, which passed and may have led to the rather domesticated squirrels that inhabit the University and Campus Town area today. 

Feel free to upload any pictures you have of squirrels in the CU area causing a ruckus or share any CU Squirrel stories! 


Squirrel Stories