The Harvest Tea is an annual celebration sponsored by St. Luke C.M.E. Church in Champaign. The event generally occurs in October. The Harvest Tea in 2012 will be the 20th annual event.

Harvest Tea Booklet - 2011

Harvest Tea Booklet - 2010

Harvest Tea Booklet - 2009

From the 2011 Harvest Tea Booklet. Pictured are the church's steward board (not all of them in this picture): Patricia McKinney Lewis, Gloria Dixon, Mae Kendrick, Patricia Walker, Ave Alvarado, Jan Thomas, Henrine Luckett-Casey, Cle Easley, Brenda Owens, Ezell Derricks, Nathan Wallick.

The Harvest Tea began in 1990 by Rev. John Deron Johnson. The first Harvest Tea was held at the Douglass Center. The following members have served as the chairperson of the Harvest Tea: Bertha Williams, Donna Tinsley, Kathy Lockett, Belle Miller, Jacqui Davis and Rosalind Mason Minor. Locations for the Harvest Tea moved from the Douglass Center to the Douglass Center Annex, and then to the Urbana Civic Center. The tea continued under Rev. Roland Brown, but was not held during the years 1997-1999. In the year 2000, Sister Patricia Lewis decided to bring back the tea as a contest among the boards and clubs of the church
and to highlight the many gifts and talents in St. Luke. The tea is also known as “The Taste of St. Luke”, as the food evolved from serving finger food to a “Soul Food Tea”. Each year, St. Luke members are recognized as Living Legends or Memorial Angels for their devotion and dedication to their respective Boards/Auxiliaries over the years. The title of King/Queen of the Harvest Tea has been held by the following Boards/Auxiliaries: 2004: Men’s Fellowship—King William Nesbitt, 2004: New Life Choir—Queen Patricia Walker; 2005: Senior Usher Board—Queen Joyce Cowan; 2006, 2007 & 2008: New Life Choir—Queen Patricia Walker.