611 S. Neil St. 

Champaign, IL 61820


Open Daily: 7am-11pm

(217) 352-4801
Payment Method

Cash Only, with 2 change machines. 

ATM within the building.

Wheelchair accessibility

Starcrest Cleaners is a laundromat/dry cleaners located in Champaign, IL. Starcrest Cleaners has over 40 washers and dryers, flat screen televisions, arcade games, a vending machine and a separate study room equipped with wifi for guests while using the facility. 

  • $3.50 for a front loading washer
  • $5.50 for an industrial size front loading washer
  • $.25 for 7 minutes in a dryer


"INDUSTRIAL SIZED WASHERS ROCK MY SOCKS!! LITERALLY!" -laundry reluctant grad student

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