Beginning in the fall of 2011, the Community Informatics Research Lab at The Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) started gathering information about how organizations in Champaign-Urbana use information technologies. The idea was to create a portrait of our collective use of digital tools and the Internet before the fiber optic network, UC2B, was put in the ground. This way, individuals and organizations in CU can both reflect on current use of IT and look toward the future. One aspect of UC2B is a 1Gb local area connection; this lays the infrastructure for much inter-organizational sharing, such as broadcasting video from one children’s event to another after-school program, or streaming interactive PTA meetings. 

Click here to link to the complete book, which includes 10-page reports on each of about 80 organizations.

The research process began with a list of UC2B Anchor Institutions, most of which were organizations that were included in the original grant to receive free connections to UC2B. These include places of worship, community organizations and social service agencies, government agencies, schools, health institutions, housing organizations, libraries, and public safety and transportation agencies. A full list is below, with links to pages about each organization. If you are from any of these organizations, or know a lot about them, please feel free to edit their wiki page!

Once the organizations said they were willing to participate in the study, graduate students from the GSLIS courses Community Informatics and The Digital Divide conducted field work and wrote 2-3 reports each throughout the semester, which were then edited and compiled into a book by the CI Lab. The field work for each organization included three interviews with a director or leader, a technology person, and a board member or volunteer; textual research; photos and mapping; questionnaires; and an Internet speed test. Included in each report is an executive summary, maps, photographs, demographics, history of the organization, a technology inventory, an analysis and a bibliography. To access the final book, click on the link above. To see information on any of the organizations, click on a name below.

Churches and Religious Organizations

Name Street Address City State zip phone URL
Bethel A.M.E. Church 401 E Park St Champaign  IL 61820 217-356-0323
Church of the Brethren  1210 N Neil  Champaign  IL 61820 217-398-5127
First United Methodist Church  210 W Church St  Champaign  IL 61820 217-356-9078
Muslim American Society 2011 Brownfield Rd Urbana  IL 61802 217-706-1596
New Hope Church of God in Christ  911 W Bradley Av  Champaign  IL 61821 217-352-3546
Holy Cross Catholic Church 405 W Clark St Champaign IL 61820 217-352-8748
St. Matthew Catholic Church 1303 Lincolnshire Dr Champaign IL 61821 217-359-4224
Center of Hope Church  409 E Grove St  Champaign  IL 61820 217-766-4762  
Cornerstone Baptist Church PO Box 8697 Champaign  IL 61826 217- 356-0891
St Luke Christian Methodist Episcopal Church  809 N 5th St  Champaign  IL 61820
St. Mary Catholic Church and St. Patrick Catholic Church 612 E Park St  Champaign  IL 61820 217 352-8364
The Church of the Living God and Love Corner Worship Center  1109 N 4th St  Champaign  IL 61820 217-359-6920
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Stake Family History Center  604 Windsor Rd  Champaign  IL 61820 217-352-8063
Prairie Zen Center  515 S Prospect Av  Champaign IL 61820 217-355-8835
First Christian Church  3601 S Staley Rd  Champaign IL 61822 217-356-1649
Stone Creek Church  2502 S Race St  Urbana IL 61801 217-344-5455

Community and Social Service Agencies

Catholic Worker House 317 S Randolph St Champaign  IL 61820 217-355-9774
Center for Women in Transition 508 E Church St Champaign  IL 61820 217-819-4611
Developmental Services Center 1304 W Bradley Av Champaign  IL 61821 217-356-9176
Restoration Urban Ministries 1213 Parkland Ct Champaign  IL 61821 217-355-2662
Salt & Light  1512 W Anthony Dr  Champaign  IL 61821 217-355-5654
Salvation Army  Red Shield Center 2212 N Market St Champaign  IL 61820 217-373-7832
United Way of Champaign County  404 W Church  Champaign  IL 61820 217-352-5151
Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center 202 S Broadway Av Urbana  IL 61801 217-344-8820
Empty Tomb, Inc.  301 N 4th St  Champaign  IL 61820 217-356-2262
Crisis Nursery  1309 W Hill St  Urbana  IL 61801 217-337-2731
Cunningham Children’s Home  1301 N Cunningham Av  Urbana  IL 61801 217-337-9014
Don Moyer Boy's & Girl's Club 201 East Park St Champaign  IL 61820 217-355-5437
Girl Scouts  701 Devonshire  Champaign  IL 61820 217-328-5112
Orpheum Children's Science Museum 346 N Neil St Champaign  IL 61820 217-352-5895
Community Elements 1801 Fox Drive Champaign IL 61820 217-398-8080
Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County  119 E University Av  Champaign IL 61820 217-819-5111
Land of Lincoln Legal Asssiatnce  302 N First Street  Champaign IL 61820 217-356-1351

Government Agencies

Champaign Township 603 South Randolph St. Champaign  IL  61820 217-352-4500
Champaign Park District 706 Kenwood Rd Champaign  IL  61821 217-819-3819
City of Urbana - City Hall 400 S Vine St Urbana IL 61801 217-384-2456
Cunningham Township 205 W Green St Urbana IL 61801 217-384-4144
Urbana Township 2312 E Perkins Rd Urbana IL 61802 217-344-7361  
United States Postal Service - Main Urbana Station 3100 E Tatman Ct Urbana IL 61802 217-337-6297  
Unites States Geological Survey – Illinois Water Science Center  1201 W University Av  Urbana IL 61801 217-328-9706
Champaign County GIS Consortium 1776 E Washington St Urbana  IL 61802 217-328-3313
Urbana Champaign Sanitary District P.O.Box 669 Urbana IL 61803 217-367-3409
Village of Savoy 611 N Dunlap St Savoy IL 61874 217-359-5894

Educational Institutions

Champaign County Head Start 809 N Neil St Champaign  IL 61820 217-384-1200
Champaign Unit 4 Schools 703 South New Street Champaign  IL 61820 217-351-3838
Parkland College 2400 W Bradley Av Champaign IL 61821 217-351-2231
Champaign Consortium 1307 N Mattis Av Champaign IL 61821 217-278-5700
Countryside School 4301 W Kirby Av Champaign IL 61822 217-355-1253
Judah Christian School 908 N Prospect Av Champaign IL 61820 217-359-1701
Next Generation School 2521 Galen Dr Champaign IL 61821 217-356-6995  
Urbana School District 116 205 N Race St Urbana IL 61801 217-384-3636

Health Care Organizations

Amber Glen Alzheimer's Special Care Center 1704 E Amber Ln Urbana  IL 61802 217-384-0100
Illini Heritage Rehab & Health  1315 Curt Dr  Champaign  IL 61821 217-352-5707
Christie Clinic 101 W University Av Champaign IL 61820 217-366-1200
Champaign County Christian Health Center 507 S 2nd St  Champaign IL 61820 217-398-2914
Provena Covenant Medical Center 1400 W Park St Urbana IL 61821 217-337-2000
Community Blood Services of Illinois  1408 W University Av  Urbana IL 61801 217-367-2202
The Pavilion Behavioral Health System 809 W Church St Champaign IL 61820 217-373-1700

Public Safety

City of Champaign - Fire Department 307 S Randolph St Champaign IL 61820 217-403-7201
City of Urbana - Fire Department 400 S Vine St Urbana IL 61801 217-384-2421
City of Urbana - Police Department 400 S Vine St Urbana IL 61801 217-384-2334
Parkland College Police 2400 W Bradley Av Champaign IL 61821 217-351-2369
Eastern Prairie Fire Protection District 424 Wilbur Av Champaign IL 61822 217-356-8830
Champaign County Emergency Mgmt. Agency 1905 E Main St Champaign IL 61821 217-352-0163
Village of Savoy Fire Department 106 Tomaras Av Savoy IL 61874 217-359-5814


Clark-Lindsay Village 101 W Windsor Rd Urbana  IL 61802 217-344-2144
Prairie Winds of Urbana 1905 E Prairie Winds Dr Urbana  IL 61802 217-344-6400
Round Barn Manor 2000 W John St Champaign  IL 61821 217-351-9090  
Windsor of Savoy 401 Burwash Av Savoy  IL 61874 217-351-1437
Housing Authority of Champaign County 205 W Park Ave Champaign IL 61820 217-378-7100


Champaign Public Library - Main Branch 200 W Green St Champaign IL 61820 217-403–2000
The Urbana Free Library 210 W Green St Urbana IL 61801 217-367-4057


Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District  1101 E University Av Urbana IL 61802 217-384-8188
Federal Aviation Administration 1 Airport Rd Savoy IL 61874 217-355-4060 ‎ 
University of Illinois Willard Airport 11 Airport Rd Savoy IL 61874 217-244-8640