Past tip of the week posts

December 5, 2012: Add a map to your page using the "Edit Map" in the bottom right. You can add a single point of interest or a polygon for a region (like a park or neighborhood). For complete directions on how to make and use maps go here. Happy editing!

November 25, 2012: Are your anchors not working?  Try creating them with no spaces. For example "moreinfo" vs. "more info" (without quotes).  For complete directions on how to make and use page  anchors go here. Happy editing!

November 17, 2012:  Do you talk about other CU places in your page? Link to them with the linking button:

For another CUwiki page type name of the page and for an extenal link type the full URL (include http://). Happy editing!

November 11, 2012: Is a photo pushing down the text of your page? Align it! Select your picture than click on the Image button.

It looks like this:

A box of editing options will pop up. Under Alignment select Left or Right then OK and it will allow your text to be next to the photo

November 1, 2012: Have a video about a page your working on?  You can embed in your page with the Insert Object button, It looks like this:

Select embed media and copy and paste the url of your video into the box.

October 24, 2012: Don't like the way the title of a page turned out? Click edit and use the rename button at the bottom right of the page. It looks like this :