This page is designed to point UIUC students and staff who are trans*, gender variant, or questioning their gender toward some basic resources on campus.  If you know of any useful resources not listed on this page, please press the edit button and add them.

  1. Policies
  2. Bathrooms
  3. People
  4. Health
  5. Transitioning Resources
  6. Other Resources


Non-discrimination policy

The University's non-discrimination policy includes a section about gender identity, meaning that trans people cannot be discriminated against in admissions, employment, access to University programs and activities, or in the treatment they receive in University programs and activities.

The Dean of Students encourages members of the campus community to report acts of intolerance, if you feel comfortable doing so.

Name changes

The Office of the Registrar provides basic name change instructions on their website for current students.

If you want to change your name legally, Student Legal Services has a nice pamphlet explaining the process (pdf).



There are several non-gendered bathrooms -- on campus, in campustown, and throughout Champaign and Urbana -- listed on the safe2pee website (  If you know of others, you should add them to that site!



Note: please don't post the names of unsupportive professors here - this article shouldn't become a blacklist. Although it's hard, dealing with harassment and discrimination through official channels does much more to change someone's behavior than posting their name online and urging others to avoid them.

Supportive professors

  • List some awesome professors here!

Supportive staff members

Trans-specific and trans-inclusive groups

The Campus Union for Trans* Equality and Support (CUT*ES) meets in the LGBT Resource Center Wednesdays at 8:00PM. Its Facebook page can be found here.

If you're interested in starting a trans-specific group, you can get in touch with Leslie Morrow if you're interested in starting one.

In the larger community, there is a trans support group housed within the Uniting Pride Center of Champaign County:

  • Trans UP
    • Trans UP is a support and social group for members of the transgender community to come together in a safe space to discuss our lives and socialize. Topics for discussion can relate to the coming out process, transitioning, becoming comfortable with ourselves, and living as a trans person in general society, dating, and more -- all while developing friendships and networking within the community! The group maintains a more casual atmosphere where conversation will flow freely as directed by the members who are present. Private changing room available adjacent to meeting space. Privacy and confidentiality respected and appreciated. This group meets the first and third Wednesday of every month from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at The UP Center. The first Wednesday of the month is geared towards support and discussion for members of the transgender community only. The third Wednesday is geared towards support and discussion for members of the transgender community, allies, family, and supporters.

There's a list of LGBT student groups on the LGBT Resource Center's website.

Here are some organizations known to be trans-friendly:

  • ALA Student Chapter Queers and Allies Committee (at GSLIS)



Will the McKinley Health Center prescribe hormones?  Fill prescriptions from another doctor?

I called McKinley in January 2013 to ask about this.  The answer that I got was that McKinley will not prescribe hormones for trans* individuals, but will fill prescriptions from a non-McKinley doctor. This is still true in 2015.

Do blood work related to hormone therapy?

Yep! I had blood work done at McKinley in March of 2015 and it was covered by the student health plan.

Administer hormones (i.e., give you injections if you already have a prescription)? What documentation do they need?

Anyone who has any experience with this should write their experiences here.

Will the campus counseling center discuss trans and gender issues?

Yes. According to their website, Lori Davis specializes in "transgender emergence" and several counselors and interns specialize in LGBTQ emotional health or have undergone LGBT ally training.

Anyone who has any further experiences with the counseling center should add them here!

Are there counselors particularly good with trans issues?

Anyone who has any experience with this should write their experiences here.

Will counselors write letters in support of hormones or surgery?

Anyone who has any experience with this should write their experiences here.


Transitioning Resources


  • Karen Luster (217.356.0100) is quite good, and is trans-friendly


Other resources

What other campus resources have you found useful?

  • The LGBT Resource Center is a great place to hang out and talk, plus they bring a TON of awesome speakers.
  • The Women's Resource Center is also a great trans-friendly place with really awesome events and speakers.
  • The Lunch on Us series is trans-friendly (and often brings trans speakers to campus), and provides free lunch for anyone who comes to listen to lunchtime talks!  2012's speakers included noteworthy trans people such as Dean Spade and S. Bear Bergman.


Note: Want to start a resource list like this on your own campus?  Here are some guidelines that might help you out:, and here's the wiki that this page is inspired by: