About WILL

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Illinois Public Media is a not-for-profit public media service of the College of Media at the University of Illinois, educating, entertaining, inspiring and empowering by airing the best of public television and radio programs, producing local content for broadcast and the Web, and working with community partners to address needs and concerns.

WILL-AM 580 offers a comprehensive alternative to quick-fix news through local and regional coverage as well as a local talk show, weather and agricultural news, and coverage from NPR and the BBC.
WILL-FM 90.9 offers programming to nourish the spirit and the mind, with classical music along with local news and NPR’s news magazines, “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered.” 

WILL-TV blends a core of PBS programming with locally produced documentaries and programs such as Mid-American Gardener that focus on central Illinois.
WILL Online at will.illinois.edu provides live streaming of the WILL-AM signal; news stories; archived audio of local talk shows and agricultural market reports; weather maps and forecasts; an education site for teachers and parents; a WILL Connect site about our work with the community; and more information about Illinois Public Media programs, services and projects.