Rock, Punk, Thrash
Band Members

Chris - Vocals

Justin - Guitar

Austin - Guitar

Sali - Bass

Greg - Drums

Date: 2008-05
Vlan -




WE MUST DISMANTLE THIS! is a punk rock/thrash band that was formed in May of 2008. Its five members consist of: Chris on Vocals, Austin on Guitar, Justin on Guitar, Sali on Bass, and Greg on Drums. After a series of breakups with other bands brought them together, they began creating punk music with an important message. As members of the activist punk community their lyrics target such topics as fascism sexism, racism, classicism, homophobia, and the institutions that allow these absurdities to thrive. Through their words and dark melodies, they spread the message of their mission to bring awareness to the eradication (or dismantlement) of social atrocities. Through the years, they have each become involved with other personal projects, but they are still each very involved with the band. In fact, they are currently trying to plan a summer (2014) tour.

They have a label with Dead Rodent Records. (Sali runs the label from Indianapolis.)

WE MUST DISMANTLE THIS! interview with Profane Existence from November 8th of 2013.

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