Windsor of Savoy 401 Burwash Av Savoy  IL 61874 217-351-1437

The Windsor of Savoy is a retirement community in Savoy with facilities for both independent and assisted living.

The Windsor of Savoy opened in 1988. It was built by Carle Foundation Hospital and continues under their operation to this day. The Windsor of Savoy is and has always been a senior retirement community.

When the center first opened, it was strictly an independent living environment. As residents aged, however, the staff adapted to the growing needs of residents. One wing was converted into a personalized care wing sometime in the mid- to late 1990s. In this wing, residents could get additional assistance from staff. This wing later became The Windsor of Savoy’s licensed assisted living wing. Prior to January of 2001, no category of licensed assisted living senior housing existed. Following the establishment of this category, The Windsor of Savoy moved to become licensed. This process took several years, because of the limited number of state licensing surveyors. By 2006–2007, however, The Windsor of Savoy gained a license for their assisted living wing.

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