Zelema Harris, Ed.D., is a former president of Parkland College. She currently the Chancellor of St. Louis Community College.  The district is the largest community college system in Missouri and second only in size to the University of Missouri system. Its budget is approximately $154.9 million and employs more than 3,000. She is the daughter of a Carpenter in Texas, and faced the familiar struggle of most Afro Americans in their quest for social mobility. After high school she received a scholarship, and was admitted to Prairie View A & M College, in Texas where she completed her undergraduate work. This college is one of over one hundred historically black colleges in the US. After successfully completing graduate school, earning a Doctorate of Education degree from the University of Kansas, teaching, counseling, and serving as president of Penn Valley Community College from 1976 until 1990, Dr. Harris became the first woman to serve as President of Parkland Community College, Champaign, IL where she had served as an outstanding leader. She is married to Emmanuel Holloway and is the mother of three children; Cynthia, Narissa, and Jay. While at Parkland, she established an award-winning faculty development center; led the college in receiving national and state awards in college planning processes; and directed the college in achieving distinction as a top provider of online education in Illinois. She served as Parkland College president for 16 years. She has received many awards, including the American Association of Community College's Leadership Award and CEO of the Year from the American Association of Community College Trustees. She lives in Decatur, Illinois.

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