Ed Staehling, 1984

Born in Danforth, Illinois, in 1888, Ed Staehling spent most of his life in Chicago. He moved to Champaign around 1983 to to be near his daughter. He taught at the high school and university level. Prior to his retirement he was in charge of real estate for Commonwealth Edison in Chicago. "I belonged to the Coast Guard Auxiliary in Port St. Luce, Florida, after retirement. My chief hobbies were hunting and fishing, and I was always interested in boats," he remembered in 1984. When asked what were his strongest memories he says, "There are so many I couldn't name one. Possibly, my retirement. I really enjoyed active retirement,
mostly in Florida for 23 years (for 16 years 1 spent summers at our home in Wisconsin). I have been awful busy." He is especially proud of his "active retirement, including search and rescue and lifesaving in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. I have been pretty active all my days. I was always pretty self-confident." At age 85 he still gave boating lessons off the coast of Florida. He has no complaints about the way America treats its older citizens. "They respect us. Any of us can do whatever we'd like to do. Housing and help are available. Of course, I suppose that is not so in all parts of the country." However, as for life in general, he contends, "The world is different and not for the better either."

Source: Raymond Bial, There is a Season, Champaign County Nursing Home, 1984.