During his career with the Champaign Unit 4 School District, Kenneth Stratton served as both a teacher and an administrator. He served as president of the Champaign Education Association as well. Mr. Stratton was a member of the William F. Earnest American Legion Post 559; served on the Board of Directors of United Way and the Frances Nelson Health Center. He was a charter member of the Don Moyer Boys Club, and the Champaign County Urban League. Mr. Stratton was active in the civil rights movement; was a member of the Black Coalition for Equal Opportunity Employment and helped organize for integration in the Champaign school system, Champaign housing, and the hiring practices in the downtown Champaign stores and at Burnham Hospital. In 1961, Stratton was elected the first black Councilman in the City of Champaign.

Source: Through the Years: African-American History in Champaign County, Fall 2002/Winter 2003.