The subject of this entry no longer exists in Davis or is a former version of something that came afterwards.All information here is for historical reference only.

0 - 3 at UCD was an alcohol awareness campaign by the Campus Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Program (CADAPP), and facilitated by Health Education and Promotion (HEP). According to a study conducted by the Cowell Student Health Center in 2000, most Aggies have zero to three drinks when they "party." Another campaign, or maybe the same one, by CADAPP featured the slogan "Don't be a Dick."

This former program advertised that 71% of students have only 0-3 drinks when they party, as some form of statistical peer pressure. However, this also means that over 6,000 students have more than 3 drinks when they party, meaning that you're in a pretty sizable minority when you get smashed; 29% of the student population engage in a duel with their livers.

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  • So how does this average out? I suppose people who do not drink at all partially compensate for others who binge drink. I saw a guy unloading a keg while wearing one of those "0-3" shirts in front of my apartment. Good times.

2006-09-28 21:48:46   71%? That's pathetic. You should all be ashamed for yourself. There is nothing funnier then getting shithouse drunk with friends and doing something very dumb and childlike. You know after college you really can't do that anymore, START CRAMMING. —SteveBlais

2006-10-24 17:41:18   wwooo 0-3 amongst the people who cared to fill out the survey.... Then again I DD so I have 0 drinks... —StevenDaubert

2007-04-26 01:42:24   Saw a 0-3 shirt today, resisted asking the wearer if they thought the stat was true. —StevenDaubert

2007-05-12 00:20:45   Saw another person wearing a 0-3 shirt today and I asked if they though they stat was correct the said "no" —StevenDaubert