The intersection of 10th and D is a good candidate for the title of "second-worst intersection in Davis." There are no stop signs, and there are two gnarly dips on 10th. Occasionally someone will drive through the dips at 30 mph or so and slam the street. PaulThober personally observed a car's front wheels leave the ground after hitting the second dip. At least once a car's airbags deployed because the car slammed so hard. Also, the right-of-way is sufficiently ambiguous as to encourage collisions.

Of course, the posted speed limit is 25, at which the intersection is reasonably navigable.

As evidence that nothing is so terrible that good cannot come of it, the DMV sometimes takes people to this location during driving tests.


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2005-11-18 12:39:47   I have some strong reservations about this page— "second-worst intersection" is a subjective view, and I can think of far better candidates (Pole Line and Fifth comes readily to mind). Additionally, the acknowledgement that if one follows the posted speed limit "the intersection is reasonably navigable" negates the previous paragraph. Again, SLOW down— this isn't L.A., and pay attention, and this intersection is just FINE. Also, it's a *residential* street, not a throughway— which the re-edit fails to mention. I know this seems like a rant, but I really think this page is kind of unnecessary. —CentralDavisite

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