Photo by Paul Ivanov 123 Sciences Lecture Hall (SCILEC; Sci 123 or Sci Lec as most call it) is one of the largest of the lecture halls on campus containing seats for 519 students. It is located across the street from the SURGE buildings on Hutchison Drive. It's a part of the collection of buildings known as the Sciences Laboratory Buildings.


123 Sciences Lecture Hall was completed in late 2004/early 2005 and was first opened during Winter Quarter, 2005. There are over eight standard-sized chalkboards to be used, and quite a large projection screen.

This building has become the primary lecture hall for lower division chemistry classes, as well as the infamous Nutrition 10, taking away the role from what used to be the main giant hall, 194 Chem.

A view from the outside 



The hall has been used for theatrical and musical perfomances as well as movie screenings. Add to the list if you know of events that have taken place here!

• Screening of Interstellar, May 6, 2015, hosted by Sigma Chi and EC

'Tis Pity She's A Whore, Feb. 2013, play performed by members of Studio 301



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2005-01-08 21:52:45   Someone should donate a million dollars for naming rights to this building just to put students out of the misery of having to pronounce such a long name. In the meantime, we'll probably call this SLB 123, or Sciences 123. —KenBloom

2005-03-01 21:56:00   slob hall —RaynatoCastro

2005-03-01 22:06:02   Hutchison Drive should be renamed to Sesame Street. Making this room 123 Sesame St. —BrentLaabs

2005-03-01 23:41:40   i think brent wins —ArlenAbraham

2005-03-05 14:43:51   I've been calling the Sciences Laboratory Buildings 'The Slabs' so I guess this is Slab Hall —TravisGrathwell

2005-03-08 16:57:01   I work in the Sciences Laboratory Building (right next to the lecture hall) and we call it the SLB. —GeorgeLewis

2005-10-27 00:42:47   Does anybody know if moobilenet is provided in this lecture hall? —RaynatoCastro

2006-05-06 13:58:04   Isn't this listed on the map as Sci Lecture? Where does Laboratory come in? —JosephBleckman

2007-03-05 18:52:33   Ive always heard and said "Sci Lec". I thought thats what everyone calls it? —GregoryGaye

2009-01-07 01:36:32   Anyone else notice the horrible smell in the Men's restroom? I thought it was just the first time I was in there, but this is my second class ever in that building and it just smells terrible, seems to be coming from the plumbing or something. —mperkel