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  • The Young Men's Christian Association founded its Davis chapter, which was renamed to the Cal Aggie Christian Association in 1931. As such, this is the second oldest student organization at UC Davis.
  • March 1st: Fire. Hose attached to J. B. Anderson tank house used to put out flames. A livery stable is burned.
  • May: The first causeway for automobiles opens, linking Davis and Sacramento (other than by rail).
  • September 22nd: the Junior class's annual Freshman Edict appears in The Aggie.
  • November 12th: The "Fire of 1916" burns down a large section of the west side of G Street.
  • University of California takes a majority of awards at Chicago International Livestock Show.
  • Davis Arch is created.
  • The band stand at the corner of 2nd and Olive was remodeled.
  • The Sacramento Weir is built.