On June 8th, 2010, Mayor Don Saylor ran unopposed for the District 2 seat on the "Yolo County Board of Supervisors" that is being vacated due to Helen Thomson‘s retirement after 36 years in elected office. He will take office on January 3rd, 2011, thus leaving his seat on the Davis City Council vacant. That seat’s regular election occurs in June 2012.

The remaining City Council members (Rochelle Swanson, Stephen Souza, Joe Krovoza, and Sue Greenwald) gave initial direction to City Staff in December 2010 to begin drafting a process to appoint Saylor's replacement.

Appointment Process Schedule

(DRAFT) January 4th, 2011: City Council directs Staff to open an appointment process to fill the vacancy left by Saylor January 5th - 21st: Application period opens January 21st - February 7th: Public Outreach Period February 8th - mid-February: Deliberation Period & Council Vote

Declared Candidates

Media Coverage

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