The 2020 Initiative is a proposed plan by UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi. It was unveiled at Convocation on 9/21/11. This plan seeks to add over 5,000 undergrads to the campus within the next five to eight years and to hire more faculty (300 professors) and staff by 2020. The plan is still in the early stages of development. If you have concerns or ideas, you can email

Perhaps a reason for this plan is due to the decrease in state support and the university may feel the need to add students and stimulate development in order to grow its endowment or finances. Another reason could be the desire to add international or out of state students ($$$) without hurting the chances of qualified Californians (Bad for UC Davis politically and in PR).

Official UC Davis announcement:

From the Sac Biz journal:


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2011-09-22 10:23:15   I was wondering if anyone would know how significant this increase in size is given the history of enrollment at UC Davis overtime. Also does anyone know if other UCs are taking similar steps? —ChrisDietrich

  • A friend of mine at UCSD told me that they were, because like UCD, they have physical space in which to grow. —CovertProfessor