223 3rd Street
Monday - Friday: 10 AM - 9 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00 AM - 5 PM (Weekend hours may vary. Please call)
*Hours may vary, especially during summer & holidays - Please call
*Closed on Sunday during summer
(530) 758-9800
Regular Menu
Happy Hour Menu
Friday, March 14th 2008
Payment Method(s)
Cash, Credit or Debit (Visa & MasterCard)
Non Food Features
Three video/sports displays show TV. (Sound off unless business is mediocre).

3rd & U Cafe is a restaurant and cafe. They serve all organic and fair trade coffee (from Tony's Coffee and Teas) and have two 50-inch flatscreen TVs.

The café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, including hamburgers, deli sandwiches, and coffee. They also have a vegetarian-friendly menu. The 3rd & U Cafe also serves beer and has a nice two for five dollars deal for beer that is all day long.

Still new in town, hopefully they will still be friendly to folks who just want to have some coffee and study for a couple hours. They have free wifi. The owners stated that there is seating for 68 people inside and 33 people outside.

The opening was delayed for months causing much speculation. There is a California Aggie article dated Aug. 23 with some details (let's integrate the information into this page). A California Aggie article dated October 30, 2007, says the cafe would open in December. There is another Aggie article that says that it would open before the end of January 2008. The Cafe opened March 14th, 2008.

The space they occupy was once inhabited by the late, great, Café Roma. The Café Roma era inside stage was dismantled, as the managers have no plans to host live music. They do, however, hope to feature live DJs eventually.

Above this place sits the less than accommodating Roma Apartments.

On or just before November 3, 2011 their liquor license was suspended "indefinitely". An article from the Aggie seems to suggest that it was suspended for failure to pay taxes.

As of 11/16/2011, the license was reinstated and alcohol is once again being served.


Beer is ALWAYS 2 pints for $5.25 (+tax), but there are other special deals as well!

Order a combo meal w/drink and receive endless fries, any day of the week! No sharing please :)

Happy Hour 3 PM - 6:30 PM, Monday - Friday. Substantial happy hour food menu includes fries for $1. Thurs-Fri: 3 pints for $6.50 (+tax) After 8 PM!

3rd & U Cafe is on the corner of 3rd Street and University Avenue The Cafe went through a long 'Opening Soon' period with much antici... pation

Older comments can be found in the comment archive.


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2009-01-13 12:30:11   geez some of you people are so picky. the food is relatively cheap and what ive had so far has all been pretty good. if you want a quiet place to study go to the library. if you dont like the atmosphere of a sports bar, then dont go. its really that simple. —fakeplastictrees

2009-02-13 09:46:35   I really enjoyed the atmosphere around 1ish- had soccer on one of their TV's, and their philly cheeses steak wasn't bad. Going there again later this week... —LizMelack

2009-02-27 08:12:04   This place has the best location in Davis but poor execution. Why do places like Peets, Ciocolat, and Mishka overflow at all hours, while this place site empty? I think it needs a much warmer atmosphere (add a rug, replace the uncomfortable metal chairs), no TVs (this place is not a sports bar and the room is too small to not feel like the tvs are overwhelming) and more seating. Make some changes to make it more of a hang-out place, run a really cheap lunch special and coffee special at night for a month or so to bring people in, and this place could really take offf. —jsg718

2009-03-05 22:55:23   We ABSOLUTELY LOVE 3rd & U!! Friendly service and AMAZING food! Highly recommend the breakfast sandwiches, turkey club, pomadoro sandwich, 'happy hour' menu, and basically everything! The food is reasonably priced too! Everything is wonderful about this place and we hope the word catches on! —millergirls

2009-03-06 00:17:13   It looks like this place is doing much better since they got their alcohol license. At least...it did for a week or two. I've noticed that it was both OPEN and FULL on many recent evenings, although it looks like everyone there is going for the alcohol, not the food. The past few nights, it does not seem to have remained open, so I'm not sure when they are open and when they are not. But it is nice to see that they are at least staying open on some evenings now... —IDoNotExist

2009-03-07 10:23:25   this place is great - the food is good, the beer is cheap (2 for $5), and all of the employees are super nice. —leiris

2009-03-08 08:45:52   jsg718 you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. I could list of so many reasons why you're wrong but this place's success speaks for itself. Not only is it great that I can walk just two minutes off campus after a hard midterm to grab a cold beer, but I can grab two for five dollars (good beers too!). Also, the "millergirls" in the post above are right. Every food item taste amazing—they also have a great vegetarian menu. Above all else is the prices of this cafe however — like "MatthewPearson" said on the first post: they do a great job of targeting student budgets". Everything is priced incredibly reasonably, and everyone who works there is very friendly. Thanks 3rd and U! —HanSolo

2009-03-12 22:32:49   I was there last friday. My friends and I have been a fan in the past. We think for the amount of food for the price is the best in Davis...way better then the CoHo. We come now more than ever...ALL DAY/EVERYDAY BEER SPECIAL (2 BEERS FOR $5), need we say more. They have a good selection a beer...they are all 2 for $5. I came by after class last friday the place was packed and the food was fantastic. I thinkn the word is out about this place. I had the burger...juicy burger, toasted buns, great flavor...ONE OF THE BEST BURGERS I HAVE EVER HAD. Most of the students were taking advantage of the HAPPY HOUR food specials. A few guys sitting next to me got the hot wings...I thought they were going to die. They said that they were the BEST WINGS IN TOWN. It seems like with all the food and drink specials...this is the place to eat and hang out after class, before you go out for a night on the town. WE LOVE 3rd & U!!! —davisdan

2009-03-18 19:50:42   As long as the beer stays cheap, 3rd & U is my favorite place in town! —BT

2009-04-03 18:15:49   Life is meaningless without BEER and BURGERS and PLASMA SCREEN TVs! Who cares about studying? Who cares about aesthetics? Who cares about where the food comes from, or why it's cheap? This place makes life MEANINGFUL! COME TO THIS PLACE IF YOU WANT MEANING IN YOUR LIFE!!! —ZN

2009-04-23 19:10:23   I've read that there is a Happy Hour in the comments here, which would be great to put in the main article. Can anyone recall between which hours it is happy hour? —RyanMikulovsky

2009-07-29 11:49:21   One of the girls that works here is extremely unpleasant. Every time I go in, she is frowning and slouching about. God forbid she takes your order—she makes it seem as though the customer is a constant inconvenience. Love the food, but she is a real downer. —desiree

2009-08-25 15:11:21   I don't understand why a restaurant with an espresso machine, in a prime location next to campus doesn't want to make business off of the caffeine addicts that are the staff, students and faculty of U.C Davis. They don't seem to open at a consistent time in the morning and then don't have any morning bagels or muffins. If they really just want to be a lunch place then don't bother saying that you open at 8 in the morning when you aren't consistently open at 8am. But for the location, it really is a shame. —Butterfly

  • Especially now that the CoHo just got downsized! —jsogul

2009-09-18 16:54:38   First time here today for lunch. I never considered going here until I was having lunch with a friend who works near there. The service was great. Friendly and fast. I had a sandwhich and the bread was so fresh. I also like that they serve a whole grain bread instead of just wheat. I will be back for sure. —LokiAbbi

2009-09-28 02:14:58   ZN, I don't think your response to ct on this page is very fair. I think ct was commenting on exactly what you say that he failed to address: that the effects of ‘trends’ on our times are hard to determine without the kind of retrospective benefit we have with respect to ‘classical culture’. Whether our era really devalues humanities or not obviously cannot be settled by quoting a number of articles. I think he was trying to address the fact that what is considered ‘high culture’ and part of academic canon was once what was considered popular culture that you seem to believe is inherently inferior in value somehow. Like ct said, it’s not fair to compare the products of our current popular culture, which are still evolving, to ‘classic culture’ which is composed of works that have stood the test of time. If you look at classic cinema, like Hitchcock or Welles, a relatively modern phenomenon but having had enough time to filter out some gunk, it is easy to see their consistency in quality. Rather than thinking that there has been some sort of watering down of our culture, you might think that Man’s genius has simply found a different expression. By the way, I don't think ct was trying to defend our current culture. Rather, I think he was trying to critique the way your argument was presented. By saying the ‘expression’ of your argument is hyperbolic, you are making it sound as though your argument is sound at heart, and only accentuated with strong words for an impact, when as a matter of fact, you are simply making sweeping generalizations and claims that are impossible to prove or defend. What’s more, you can’t draft ‘values’ into a critique of modern culture the way you are using them now. No one would argue that philosophy or history are no longer important to our culture. In fact, I bet the good professors at the UC Davis Philosophy Department could get together and create a video game that convey these values to the audience, if they tried. Just because there has been a shift in the preferred cultural medium from print to visual, it does not necessarily mean there has been a drop in our culture’s ‘contents’, when you take into consideration that there has not yet been yet time enough to make the good works of our times ‘classics’ yet. I think it was along these lines that ct was making his case, and you have made no effort to answer the kind of questions raised here. You sound like a philosophy major, so I am surprised that you are deliberately distorting ct’s argument to make it easier to attack instead of addressing his critique fairly. —Kyonghwa

  • Hrm. Thanks for your input. You make some broad counter-assertions and say I've simply distorted ct's arguments, rather than address them directly, and believe my response unfair. I find this ironic, since ct began with a number of oracular, demeaning remarks about what he thought I was arguing, rather than addressing my position directly (vis negative influence of bourgeois—industrial, mercantile, utilitarian—values on the local University scene, the values of the Academy, and so forth; the loss of Roma to a venue very different in style and demographic appeal, etc.). My position, not by intention, then digressed into other areas, after ct suggested I had no evidential support for my arguments; this got me into citing articles about the devaluation of the humanities and the rise of bourgeois values (and it is important to note that since I cited support for my position, things have only gotten worse; many other articles now reinforce my views, such as those from the Chronicle of higher education on the poor job market for humanities students). You say I’m unfair, yet you seem to hold double standards for ct and yourself. E.g., you overlook the 'unfairness' of ct's "argument" that the value of Shakespeare is somehow lessened by bear-bating next-door, which is patently fallacious and misleading for three reasons: (a) it doesn’t directly address my argument, which was centered around a hierarchy of value vis-a-vis the decadence of certain modes of culture or being, a hierarchy presupposing an objective framework for value, not a culturally relative framework; (b) the "argument" applies equally as much to support my position, at least when we help it out with the principle of charity, namely, that less valuable cultural modes can overrun and oppress the more valuable types (and to this I was charged with elitism, if I recall; but of course if I was an elitist, I wouldn't be putting effort into debating on a wiki); and (c) it can easily be shown fallacious by analogy, i.e., "today's artistic productions are bad because we also have tobacco companies nearby" (a red herring if I ever saw one). And there are other, equally fallacious arguments I will not address. And re: some of your input, which I appreciate on some levels, I would certainly tell philosophy professors at UCD that their own line of work is devalued, and many (if not most!) of them would agree. But there's irony to be found in your defensive examples as well: though I never made the claim that there was no significant value in contemporary or modern art, philosophy, etc., you implied as much by suggesting I overlooked valued contemporary and modern art (how is that not unfair?). You cite Welles and Hitchcock as counter-examples of an argument I never made, yet of course I would agree that some of their works are artistically valuable. But as I said, this was not my argument, and it's off-topic, to boot. Another irony embedded within your off-topic defense, since you brought it up, is the profound influence of Shakespeare on Wells; and arguably, what has made many of Hitchcock's films so compelling is their critique of bourgeois values, such as complacency and fear of alternative values, as in The Birds, as well as the corruption of wealth in a number of his other films, such as Strangers on a Train. Anyway, no I was not a philosophy major, though of course I value philosophy very much. Cheers. —ZN

2009-12-29 16:12:13   I love coming here for lunch in between classes. I usually order a teriyaki burger, but with chicken instead of beef. Although this isn't on the menu, they never fail. It is my FAVORITE sandwich in Davis. The fries are good here too, always hot and fresh. Salads seem worth the money too, because they are very large and have nice toppings. I see a lot of people get beer here, cuz they have a 2 pints for $5 thing. The servers are always very sweet and helpful as well. —BrookeB

2010-01-17 09:00:27   Probably has the tastiest sandwiches a reasonable walking distance from campus. Oddly enough they're fresh made, hot, and about the same price as Sodexho branded sandwiches or "Panini Time"! But these are so much better and certainly more filling: eggplant sandwich, Chicken Pomidori, etc.. —RyanMikulovsky

2010-03-18 18:21:41   I have to agree with the unusual opening and closing times. I went here to get a latte once before class around 10:00am and they werent open? Lunch is always really good. Sometimes the portions arent worth the price, ie. ill still be hungry after just a sandwich but i dont want to make it a $9 meal through to combo to be full. Anyways, I have tried almost everything here and cant complain about a single thing. The bacon avocado sandwich will always be my favorite, they make a good burger too, at a better price than burgers and brew. More breakfast options and consistent opening/closing times would make this place one of the best in Davis —cj2012aggie

2010-06-10 00:17:19   Amazing place. Cheap, great panninis (even veggie option is good). Good beer for a great price. Cool owners. Cool people. Try it out! —DP2010

2010-06-21 14:02:19   Maybe this isn't worth posting. If you think so, go ahead and delete it. I came in asking about the World Cup, but I got a pretty weak response. I asked "When are you showing World Cup games?" and was told "When they're on." - right. "Oh, we don't show the 7 o'clock games, except this Wednesday." - "Well, I was wondering when I could see them because you're closer to me than the Grad, but they show them three times a day." "Oh - The Grad" *rolls eyes* ... So, I just got frustrated and decided I'd just keep going to the Grad, even though I kind of hate that place. Isn't it simple enough to have your World Cup schedule nicely organized for potential customers to review? Again, probably not worth posting about this - but then again, maybe some of us can put together a wiki page for the World Cup, so people will know where they can watch it. —drpottsiv

2010-07-02 15:55:03   I LOVE 3rd & U! I go there all the time! Great food. Evidently the beer is really cheap (I'm only 20) and the people that work there are so nice! Everyone always seems happy to be there! Eat outside or inside. Fast service. The bar facing the TVs are great for sports like now when the FIFA world cup is playing. I go on lunch dates with friends and with my mom every now and then. Never had a bad experience! —sportschik130

2010-08-05 22:20:30   This place has a great patio and good 2/$5 beers all day so I keep coming back even though they are ridiculously understaffed, regardless of crowd or time of day. World cup, every seat taken, 2 people cooking and 2 people working the restaurant, 45 minutes to get your food. Average evening, a few tables taken, 1 person cooking and 1 person working the restaurant, 20 minutes to get a sandwich. When the 1 person is working the register, nobody is pouring beers or bringing out food and it just sits back there for awhile until they abandon the line to bring out some food. While being understaffed is not the fault of the employees, they often get orders wrong or mixed up. 2 eggplant paninis, never asked what bread we wanted, and one came out on focaccia and one came out on sliced wheat. ?

And whoever made the decision to rip down the CAFE sign and replace it with the new 3rd & U sign... made a very bad decision.

2010-09-10 21:35:44   they have big banners in and outside the store advertising 3 beers for $6 from 8-11pm, however the place closes around 9pm or earlier and they are not offering this deal. asked for it and the person working there said "sorry we're not doing that, the manager didn't want to take the sign down". they seem to close around 8-9pm so probably don't try going there without calling ahead if its after 8. they do have cheap beer when they are open two for $5 is solid. take down those ads until you're ready to put your money where your mouth is! —BenJohnson

2010-09-12 13:12:45   I went here Friday around 6:30p for a friend's birthday. We went hoping for yummy dinner and drinks. I was exhausted from working all day and needed a coffee. The counter girl told me, "Oh, I'm sorry, we stop serving coffee at a certain time." Really? The word "Cafe" is in your title. Needless to say I was really bummed. So, I ordered my dinner. I couldn't have coffee so I opted for soup. The counter girl told me, "Oh, I'm sorry, we don't serve soup in the summer." Really? Then take it OFF your menu. I ended up with my 3rd choice of vegetarian sandwich. It was dry and okay. When it was time for a copy of my receipt the machine ran out of paper. Rough day for 3rd and U Cafe. I didn't get anything I wanted. —EricaMacGregor When this space was Cafe Roma, it may have been a tad scruffy and furnished with thrift store specials, but the student staffers had the focus right on: the customer comes first and is right. They were involved, could make decisions and would have made the situation right as far as serving coffee, making soup or keeping the cash register supplied with paper on their own initiative. "3rd and U" sounds like a much more "top-down" oriented establishment managementwise with employees not able to take initiative on their own. BrianOrr

2010-09-16 21:32:16   I love this place! They have the best chicken tacos at happy hour, the best turkey deli sandwiches on Village Bakery ciabatta bread, tasty hot wings, great beer prices, huge salads AND AMAZING prices! Check it out! —Barley123

2010-10-10 15:38:47   Fairly good, not exceptional. Good sandwiches, cheap prices, fast prices, and close enough to campus that you can go here for an hour lunch break and not worry about making it back for class on time. —JennyAdler

  • "...cheap prices, fast prices...," I like that, sounds like the beginning of a country song. But what could "fast prices" be? Do they play "fast and loose" with your money before giving you your change? So fast and loose, you feel like they pulled a "fast one" on you? Ah, yes, life in the fast lane, where even the prices are fast these days in Davis. Oh, for the bygone days of Cafe Roma, where things weren't so fast, and the stress was less, and the students working the counter friendly and always fast with a witty, sometimes priceless comment while taking all the time in the world to slow-and-easily pass the time of day with you. —BrianOrr

2010-11-12 19:08:31   if you want service and respect do not eat at 3rd and U. they are rude to their customers, do not take customer complaints seriously and disrespectful. I highly recommend staying away from this cafe. —MattMacFarlane

2011-02-17 16:58:06   Wait... they raised the prices on the 2 for $5 beers? BOYCOTT! (Just kidding... I love this place. Even though it's still a great deal, 2 for $5.25 plus tax just doesn't inspire the same excitement in me.) —jsogul

2011-03-24 20:35:48   Walked in there and tried to order coffee, the employee completely ignored me until I left. —sundeimasu

2011-04-01 22:45:53   NEVER AGAIN. I will start this by saying one of my buddies loves this place, knows all the workers, gets great service. He moved and so I haven't been here in a while until yesterday. For starters, the beer selection is complete shit. When I arrived I had the choice of sudwerks pilsner (ok), newcastle (no thanks), some cider crap (who the hell stocks a bar with cider when you have such a limited selection of beer?), AND WAIT FOR IT... FOSTERS. The person who ordered fosters should be shot. I didn't even know they still made that beer. Who the hell goes to a bar and asks, "do you guys carry fosters?" NOBODY does this. Anyways, I guess it isn't that big of a deal, since I can drink sudwerks. Got the 2 for 5.25 special, not too shabby. Go back for my second beer and they are out of the pilsner. WTF. Selection went down to Newcastle, cider crap, and blue moon. I also wanted to order a chicken caesar salad but apparently they don't serve salad at 6:30pm. Terrible, terrible beer selection, terrible service, and constantly out of stuff or don't serve it at random times. The staff is completely unapologetic as well. The food is just okay, I have never had anything there I would consider good and the prices are not good, besides the 2 for 5.25 beers but I hope you enjoy the shitty selection. I will never go back here. —MMAC

2011-04-04 20:15:49   Good food, good service, a large patio, and cheap beer. My favorite spot in the spring and summer time. —A*Lo

2011-04-30 19:10:04   The first time I went here I found a twist tie in my burger. When I brought it to the attention of the person working the counter he said, "thanks for letting us know" and walked away. I've been going back ever since hoping to find more crazy crap in my food. Bang up job guys. —JohnHammerhead

2011-05-10 18:32:44   Every time I have eaten here the food has been more than just edible and exactly at the right price. And I know first hand how shitty customers can be when you work in the food industry. Despite my overall, personal pleasant experience with the staff, the food and the atmosphere of the cafe...I have noticed some very frazzled male workers who quite frankly aren't professional at all. Cursing in front of a full cafe to your coworkers and especially customers (although I know sometimes quite frankly they totally deserve it) is really not appropriate. I like this place and I want it to do well, but some individuals employed at the cafe should practice restraint, breathe and relax a little. I was really taken aback by an employee yelling and cursing at another employee whom was cashiering a rather lengthy line of people. It was uncalled for and I left really disappointed for the first time in the behavior of an employee rather than a customer. Aside from that uncomfortable sight, the food is excellent and is the reason I will continue to come back to the cafe; so long as no one curses at me because they have no stress management skills. haha —kann

2011-05-10 19:03:16   Pros: -Good fries. Garlic fries, buffalo fries, etc. Yum. -Nice location.

Cons: -Cheap prices for beer doesn't mean much if there are only four (usually crappy) choices. -They don't enforce the smoking law. Recently we were stuck next to a table of people on the patio who were chain-smoking the whole time we were there for at least an hour. Waiters passed by/served that table several times and clearly didn't mention anything. I didn't ask the manager to enforce it but that shouldn't really be my responsibility. Maybe next time I will. -Not sure why everybody is raving about the vegetarian menu. Your choices are either fries, an overpriced Boca burger, or a quesadilla. —MeggoWaffle

2011-05-23 12:13:24   Tried to go to the breakfast buffet on Sunday around 10:45 or 11 and the restaurant was completely dark/closed/abandoned, you name it. This was pretty disappointing to us as we were planning on joining friends and enjoying a relaxing meal with mimosas and a hockey game. It seems if they're going to be open or closed at will, they shouldn't keep posted hours and keep a sign up saying "Please call for availability". Other than this disappointment, I've had only positive experiences here. You certainly can't beat the beer prices. —B.Egan

2011-06-06 20:44:49   Over all, I really like this place. But the last two times I have been there, they have gotten my order wrong. I can't eat mayonnaise and I ordered a sandwich without it, when I got the sandwich he set it down in front of me and told me it had no mayo, but when I opened it up, it looked like they had put mayo on there and just scraped it off when they realized it was wrong—and not even well..there was still some blobs of mayo on the bread! Not good enough, some people omit certain things for health reasons and it is frustrating that I have had to wait an extra long time to get my correct order while all of my friends are eating. Hopefully next time I come it will be better, as it has been in the past. Also, with the exception of a few, the workers lack customer service skills. I don't think I have ever been treated nicely/smiled at unless the owner's wife is there—who is very accommodating and very sweet. —CourtneyMullarkey

—I just got a facebook message from the owners who saw this, apologized, and offered to get me a free lunch. So nice of them, I really appreciate it.

2011-08-16 16:31:23   I actually don't mind the food at all, considering the price. You get what you pay for. The owners are really nice.

But there are a lot of flies and its hot in the restaurant in the summer. —PaulV

2011-10-02 11:33:14   I really really want to support this place. I really do. But I can honestly say I have never had a positive experience here yet. This morning was the last straw. Apparently the breakfast buffet is no more and now they don't open until 11am? Not just the breakfast buffet has been aced, the entire breakfast menu is no longer served (even though it's still listed on the menu). Which really is a common theme here we've found, what is on the menu isn't nessisarily what they are serving. They are constantly out of just about everything.

Eating here is like having a tea party with a toddler. The rules always change and you won't be told til you want it.

Now I will tell you, the owners are SAINTS! That's why it pains me so much to see the place the way it is. I remember when they were the Marketplace Grill at Arden Fair. I was so sad whenthey closed. But when they opened in Davis I was overjoyed because they were back. Now the state of affiars here just depress me.

I want to love this place. But I just can't anymore. I just can't. —NatePitcairn

2011-10-02 18:58:03   I ate here for the first time yesterday; I'd visited for a beer once or twice before and wasn't impressed, but I'm glad I gave it another shot. Let's get one thing clear off the bat: you don't come here for the service. The staff, aside from the busser who cleared some dishes for us, seemed extremely disinterested.

That said, the food's delicious. Great burgers—I recommend the pastrami burger! The fries are above average as well. A large lunch and beers for two ran about $22—quite good for the quality of the food. They also have some of the best buns in town for the burgers. —TomGarberson

2011-11-05 12:11:36   I went there a week or two ago to get some drinks with my friends- i had been there before mostly because of the drinks and we like to sit outside.. it doesnt hurt that theres a really hot guy that works during lunchtime and is always very nice to me and my friends (the tall guy with crazy blue eyes)- the food is also pretty good, prices went up recently but whatever. The worst part about this place is that there can be a long wait during lunchtime and the staff is for the most part pretty rude, especially when it's busy. i also get confused about when they are open.. it always seems to change. this place has potential but for whatever reason they dont take advantage of the location —roxygirl55

2011-11-05 12:29:40   word on the street is that their alcohol license was suspended. The ABC license search does not show this though. Can anyone confirm or deny? —ChrisDietrich

2011-11-11 14:28:45   Unfortunately their alcohol license is suspended "indefinitely". So says the sign above the beer taps, and also posted on the door. —Zippypickle

2011-11-16 19:32:22   The license was suspended per Alcohol License tax issues but as of this morning the license has been re-instated and the beers are flowing!! —IanN

2012-01-13 12:49:49   residents of 3rd and u apartments beware, you WILL be blocked in if you forget to move your car out of one of their spots early in the morning! the owner doesnt take too kindly to it, as i experienced this morning. it was so odd, i woke up 5 minutes prior with a screaming hangover, just to have the gentleman tell me how smug and rude i was on the phone when i told him i needed the car blocking my girlfriends to move. i didnt know whos car it was, or why it was parked as such... i was told to park there and then to wake up early and move it. i suppose i should have chosen my words more carefully. i mean, the vendetta is clear, im certain it happens to him all the time. (residents parking in marked 3rd and u spots). i think i got the short end of the stick with this one. but hey, it all worked out. the food there is bomb. they need more beer choices though. —mynameisGIL

2012-07-26 15:34:20   I eat here about once a week and am always satisfied. Customer service is fantastic, the owners refer to many customers by name and are always pleasant and up beat. The food is very reasonably price and good. Nothing too fancy or gourmet, but very satisfying. I strongly recommend it —mwalters

2012-12-16 23:58:00   This is one of my favorite places in Davis. Cool "beer garden", friendly staff, great happy hour and good beer food. —PrimaveraTime

2013-02-07 17:30:18   I used to be really pleased to come here (the food is pretty good, Jalapeno burger is where it is atttt), and service is nice but pretty variable/slow. I'd only recommend coming for happy hour. Once, during non-happy hour, my partner ordered some french fries. It took over half an hour, and I think they literally just split up his order with someone elses since the fries were MUCH smaller in portion than I had ever gotten. if you get happy hour, you won't feel as irritated waiting half an hour since they're $1 fries :)

Their happy food is good, too, and a great deal. The quesdillas are nicely crispy on the outside, but as for sliders, I recommend the Jalapeno again. Anyway, I don't mind studying here, since the Wifi's decent and there's a lot of white noise. —HannahToru

2013-06-30 20:51:34   This place is awesome, they have great food, fries are awesome, and very well priced, especially the 2 beers and food/side/beer combo (after 8pm?). They show sports so it's nice to come sometimes to watch a game. Sometimes they are closed on the weekends, maybe when they are short staffed, so it helps to call first. —GarrettGallegos

2014-06-11 17:40:13   While waiting in line to order last week I watched the "cook" handle raw chicken bare handed, then hand-toss a salad, and prepare a burger all without a single hand washing. Though there was profuse wiping of hands on his disgustingly soiled t-shirt. I ordered the two beer special. My friend ordered a burger and vomited heavily later in the evening. Owners were out of town according to the staff, otherwise I would have talked to them in person. —530PinTaxi

2016-05-05 18:26:35   I only really go for the 2 beers for $5 deal. They have an ok selection of beer and it's hard to find a decent beer for under $4-5 a pint. Food is fine, not really anything special, but decent. They used to have cheap yummy breakfast sandwiches, but I think the price has gone up a bit on them. —JuliaErsan