It is a simple plan. A freshman swipes someone over 21 in the DC and in return the person of age buys the freshman booze.

Although the 40 ounce Meal Plan is illegal, remember the lawmakers that made it illegal to drink before the age of 21 were able to drink legally when they were 18.

A webpage with interesting facts about the drinking age.

Some professors think it is ok for teenagers to drink.


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Objectively speaking, the system is fucked. People who are ethically opposed to people drinking before the age of 21 are boring; I mean, they probably read Ayn Rand or something. I never shoulder tapped when I was underage, but then again I was already 21 when I came to college because I had to save up my own personal dollars to pay for tuition. But that is the brilliance of the 40-ounce Meal Plan—18-year-olds are getting their parents to pay for their booze because their parents are paying for the meal plan. I never had a meal plan; I lived in my car my freshman year so there is something badass about exploiting the rich and feeding the poor with buffet-style DC food. I don't understand why there aren't transients loitering on the lawns of Segundo waiting for thirsty overfunded 18-year-olds to feed them.—RobRoy

2006-09-28 21:50:57   Got to agree with Rob on this one. Usually you buy too many swipes anyways, might as well get something out of it. —SteveBlais