The 9th Grade Prank was something done at Holmes Junior High School about a week or two before school ended, but not before the annual day on the green.

The best 9th grade prank is arguably my brothers year at Holmes when they put a goat in the principle's office. It chewed a chair up, moved it's bowels, upon discovery it was tied up in the quad for the day.

Some classrooms have reversed the desks, or taken the desks. Other notables include opening up the old projectors and writing a message under the glass so when it's turned on the message is projected, etc.

Once turning the quad into a beach was attempted, with sand to be removed one fifty gallon drum at a time from local parks, etc.

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A notable similar occurance happened in early 2001/2ish when there was a keg cemented in a hole in the center of the DHS quad, this was done around 3 Am with quick dry redimix cement, and the trees were TPed with 130 rolls. The keg was gone by 7:30 AM and the hole in the ground was filled and even had sod and all the TP was gone at this time as well. go DJUSDStevenDaubert

Due to 9th grade pranks, there is often a cop or campus security officer posted or moving between the jr highs and the campus during the last couple weeks of school, especially if the has been rumor of one. —StevenDaubert

When i was in 9th grade at Holmes some degenerates stole a bunch of room numbers, TPed some trees, and defecated into the air vent —ChrisWaterstraat

2008-10-21 17:14:05   It's comforting to know that a young man who seems to have made his way through the Davis school system spells defecated "deficated." I'm not even going to mention the interesting grammar, syntax, and punctuation shown in the entry above, as it stood at 5:11 PM 21 October 2008. —DavidRobinson

2008-10-21 18:06:18   Wow DavidRobinson, thanks for the help! Lecturing people on basic grammar and spelling is a great use of the Wiki! —ChrisWaterstraat

Indeed, it is a long and glorious tradition of the internet.

2008-10-21 23:52:28   Hahaha. To whoever wrote that, I bestow full props—ChrisWaterstraat