This article is about the automotive association. AAA also stands for Asian American Association. There is also Triple A Automotive.

95 W. Lincoln Ave
Woodland, CA 95695
M-F 9-5
(530) 662-9344

AAA used to stand for the American Automobile Association, but they changed their name to just "AAA" at their centennial. AAA (pronounced "triple-A") provides all sorts of automotive services, from maps to emergency towing. They are a good resource for adventures outside of Davis, even if you aren't planning on driving, as they offer discounted hotels, mass transit fare and many travel resources.

AAA is a loose confederation of various state associations that offer local services and cover the membership needs of each other. While the local club is the California State Automobile Association(CSAA), the SoCal association is the Automobile Club of Southern California.

Services provided at this location:

  • AAA membership
  • Auto travel (if you're a AAA member, take advantage of the free maps)
  • DMV vehicle registration
  • Insurance
  • Vacation Planning (You can sometimes get killer deals on trips, or at least discounted. They almost always have better rates for Disney related trips.)

Davis Businesses with AAA Discounts

(This is a partial list)

Political Controversy

While it is generally thought of as a group that provides free maps and emergency towing. It is also a lobbying group for automobile related interests. They have been known to lobby for road expansion and improvement, while fighting environmental programs. However, they also lobby for stronger safety measures and laws to increase driver protection.


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