This page is for discussing the contents of AMD Medical Supply.

This page has been questioned by fknochenhauer as being heavily promotional. Any thoughts?? I think listing the rental prices smacks as advertisey. Otherwise I don't see an issue.—PeteB

agreed! if pricing for items available for purchase isn't listed, why are prices available for rent? Perhaps a re-wording to state that items are available for daily, weekly or monthly rental would be much more appropriate? —GaryD

I think I'm in the minority on this issue, but I've never seen a problem with prices being listed on a page. It seems fundamentally informational, rather than promotional, to me. A big, bold banner about "today's specials" or something like that would be problematic, but I don't really get the distinction between a price or product list and a menu on a restaurant page. Honestly, the only thing on the page that feels all that promotional to me is the line about the honey in the writeup. —TomGarberson

I'm with Tom on this one. I think the page is fine as it is, including the prices, which I agree are no different from a restaurant menu. As long as it is informational and not promotional, I'm OK with it. As for the comment about the honey, I'm OK with that, too, since it really says more about local honey than about AMD. —CovertProfessor