Former location at 716 2nd Street, Downtown Davis, CA 95616 Aaron, 'lil Aaron, Princess & Alex 2010-2011 Cinelli Mash 2014 Prototype, Only 4 in existence and APEX has them all Basso Conversion Dolan PreCursa 2010 Aaron Chase w/ 'lil Aaron & Alex '08 Aaron, 'lil Aaron & Alex w/ Jeff Lenosky '08 'lil Aaron's first race... He got 4th place in a field of 40+ on his FIXED GEAR!!!

105 E Street, Suite 2C Davis, Ca 95616
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APEX Cycles & Service is a locally owned bike shop with the goal of keeping your bike on the road while saving you money. They are one of the only local shops to offer Student Discounts and Team Discounts. They are a proud sponsor of davisfixed, the Davis Bike Club and the Cal Aggie Cycling Team.

If you can't get your bike downtown, for a nominal fee, they provide Mobile Service & BIKE PICK-UP/DROP OFF, the only full service shop in town to do so.

"Don't let our small size fool you. We fix just about anything from old 3spd cruisers to full carbon TT bikes. We can get everything from 8spd freewheels to Zipp carbon wheels. If you need threads cut or chased, we are one of only 2 shops in town that have the proper tools to do the work... but at least we'll do it right the first time... Guaranteed." —Aaron.Curtin

They will work with almost any budget, to get you riding. If lack of money is a problem, they have some USED parts available or you can volunteer your time in the shop in exchange for labor credit. If you're nice enough, Aaron has been know to let you "buy now and pay later" with only a handshake.

They have all kinds of goodies for your bike. If you don't see it there, just ask, and Aaron will be happy to find it for you.

They are the only AEROSPOKE dealer in the area and a great local source for Chrome Bags. Almost all of the guys who work or hang out there have at least one of the bags or backpacks. So if you want to get some real world feedback on these great bags, this is the place to go.

They are an authorized dealer for NEW Aluminum, Steel, Titanium & Full Carbon Race frames from:

6KU Bikes - Inexpensive steel fixed gear bikes Aventon Track Bikes - Aluminum Fixed Gear frames Biria Bicycles -Easy "Step Through" hybrid cruisers and comfort bikes Cinelli USA - Classic and modern Road and Track Frames Colnago Bikes - Classic and modern Road, CX and TT frames from one of the oldest names in cyclingLynskey Titanium Bikes - Hand made Titanium bikes for all disciplines Pake Bikes - Inexpensive Steel Track & CX frames Purefix Cycles - Inexpensive steel fixed gear bikes and aluminum track frames SOMA Fabrications - Quality Steel frames Torelli Bikes - Handmade frames built in ITALY, semi and fully custom options, Road & Track

APEX does have a few used bikes on hand at any given time, but does not specifically specialize in the USED market. Used bikes are usually from the brands they are authorized to sell along with Specialized, Trek, Cannondale, Cervelo, BMC, Schwinn, Fuji, Raleigh, Bianchi, Giant, Gary Fisher, KHS, K2, Jamis, Klein, Scott, Intense, Electra and other classic/vintage brands once sold new in other shops locally.

Careful though, as with buying anything used, they are not authorized dealers for some of these brands and may not be able to help you with any future manufacturer warranty issues, other than what they provide in the shop.

Custom 2012 Merckx EMX-5 Lots of goodies!!!. More goodies!!! Even more bicycle goodness!!! Mountain bikes too

The APEX "Family"

  • Aaron (Owner) - USAC Licensed Pro Mechanic - Experience: 25+ years - Aaron specializes in Custom Builds & Advanced Repair on all makes and models
  • Princess (Reception) - She is usually the voice on the line when you call if Aaron is busy. She enjoys riding around town with Aaron & the kids.
  • 'lil Aaron & Alex (Aaron & Princess's boys) - Once in a while, you'll see the boys helping and hanging out in the shop
  • Shop Interns & Volunteers - Come in and help clean the shop while earning Discounts and learning basic maintenance

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2013-02-06 00:47:16   I logged back into my davis wiki account just to comment on my recent experience with Aaron and APEX :D. My bike actually fell apart (crapped out is more accurate) on me after I got out of work on a Friday in front of the Bike Barn. The wheel practically popped off the back, gears wear jammed, and a spoke broke during the entire ordeal. I brought it to the bike barn to re-attach my wheel and get a quote for basic repairs to get it running again. They quoted me for something around 80-90 dollars.

I decided to push my bike all the way down town to APEX, since I had heard many great things about it. Aaron was very busy, but he took my bike and told me he could have my bike ready by the following Thursday. I ended up picking it up the following Friday, and he replaced my spokes, brakes, brake cable, re-aligned my tires, and did some other basic maintenance stuff and only charged ~$45 for everything (including labor). My bike now runs even better than when I got it (it's completely silent when I ride it!) —Jennyfish

2013-02-07 17:44:29   My husband and I brought our bikes in for tune-ups in December.

This is the only bike shop I have ever used that did not bother to call me to notify me that our bikes were ready. The owner told me they would be ready "Wednesday or Thursday." He failed to mention that he would be leaving town on Thursday and planned to close his shop down for a week, during the holiday. So even though after the fact he claimed the bikes were "ready" for pickup the Wednesday before Christmas, we weren't able to get our bikes back for a another 8 days, or about 2 weeks after the day we brought them in.

But what made me truly dissatisfied was the way the owner handled the situation. He wanted to place the blame on me. His attitude was I should have known to pick up our bikes. He said he had told us he would be away, but he never said anything about it. If he had told us I wouldn't have wasted my time by going to his shop twice, in person, leaving voicemails on the store phone, to no avail. I don't like lies, and I don't like excuses. The customer is not always right, but when the owner is in the wrong and doesn't own up to it, that's a red flag.

I am giving 2 stars, rather than 1, because the work on the bikes themselves was fine. —AliH

  • I apologize for any misunderstanding, and I'm glad that your bikes are running well, but I stated to you on the phone and in person when you were dropping off the bikes that any bikes dropped off needed to be picked up by that following Weds because I was going out of town for the Holidays. I know I told you this, because I told EVERY customer who called or walked in since the beginning of December that I was going out of town for the Holiday break and wouldn't be back for over a week. This was a courtesy that I gave to all my customers. EVERYONE ELSE picked their bikes up on time or made arrangements to get them after break except you. When we spoke on the phone on the Monday prior to their due date of Weds to discuss if you wanted to get the recommended new parts or not, you asked when they would be done. I again stated that they would be ready on Weds, and that you had to get them otherwise I would be gone for vacation. I stayed open 3 hours later than normal that Weds for people to come by and grab their bikes if needed. I am sorry that no one was at the shop when you came during our vacation or that no one was there to answer the phone while we were closed. When I got back into internet and cell coverage, I did reply to your emails almost instantly. No lies. You missed your pick-up window and were without your bike longer than you had planned for and you're mad about it. I understand that. For that I am sorry, but if I tell you your bike is ready on a particular day, come pick up your bike on that day or call to check on its status. Thats what most people would do. But if you remember, when you came to pick it up, I did apologize for the miscommunication for which you gave me lots of attitude. Attitude that was unwarranted for something that was as much your fault as mine. You made your point of that you were unhappy with not having your bike, but rather than letting it go and realizing that you too could have done things to prevent any miscommunication, you'd rather put all the blame on me and post up a negative review almost 2 months later. Like you said, customers are NOT always right, and am more than happy to take the blame when it is warranted, but this is not one of those times. —Aaron.Curtin

2013-04-22 11:53:51   My experience with Apex was excellent. My wife bought two tune-ups through Groupon, so I was sorta expecting the bare minimum from them. But no! Aaron was awesome and still went the extra mile with us. He was very pleasant and helpful on top of doing a great job on our bikes. Mine rides like it is new again. My wife had an issue with her gears, and he replaced a part for no additional labor cost (even though he had every right to!). This guy is very honest, knowledgeable, and hard-working, so I would highly recommend him (take advantage of any Groupon deals that may come up again!!). —heymaestro

2013-04-24 10:05:09   I am not a formal bike mechanic but I have been working on MTBs as a hobby since the 80's. Between my bikes and my friends bikes I must have several hundred hours of "wrenching" under my belt. That said there are still times when I need help. Chasing threads, frame re-alignment, pressing bearing cups etc. When I lived in the Bay Area my "go to" guy was Chris Robinson, an ex- 7/11 mechanic-owner of Robinson's Wheelworks. Knowing a real expert and getting real expert advice is critical when things get tough. (This is even more important if your "ride" cost as much as a cheapo car......).

That said, I ran into trouble on a complicated matter, threading a treadless steerer tube.

I contacted numerous shops in Davis and Sacramento. Only one shop was capaBLe of this task and they assured me "no problem", quoted a reasonable price and even guarantied the delivery date. Well this did not pan out, in fact after they jacked up the cost to do my request, I was then told my idea was impossible and multiple excuses were then thrown out to full discourage me from even attempting my "wild" idea.

Because the information being fed to me seemed to make no sense, I decided to bug Aaron at Apex with my trivial dilemma. He assured me that it was indeed trivial amd knowing that I was in a jam, Aaron said come on in. Within 45 minutes he did what I was told was IMPOSSIBLE. I suppose that given what I was told at the other shop, Aaron can perform miracles!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my recommendation of Apex Cycles Knowledge: A+ Ability: A+ Honesty: A+


2013-06-09 11:00:02   This place is the best. The owner was very helpful and thorough. I really appreciated all their help. I will definitely be returning to this shop again. —JustinWoo

2013-07-10 00:47:45   Aaron is a master at his craft a wonderful mechanic and business owner. Customer serviceis 5 star —bcartoscelli

2013-10-19 00:23:41   I'm not one to write strong reviews but the truth needs to be told - THERE IS NOT ONE REDEEMING FACTOR ABOUT THIS PLACE. I had to go in 3 different times just to get a simple bike tune up (that was not done well at all). The owner, Aaron, said they would have my bike ready by Tuesday but when I went in that day, I was told that they had not even started working on my bike yet. He said it would be done by the end of the day but when I went back, I ended up having to wait even longer for his assistant to finish changing my tube. As I'm biking off, I notice that THERE ARE STILL PROBLEMS - my headset was still out of alignment (& this was the key concern I had pointed, and he had ensured would get fixed).

To top things off, the customer service is TERRIBLE. It is basic salesmanship etiquette to inform customers beforehand if you are going to charge them an additional fee PRIOR to doing it. Instead, Aaron just casually slipped it in as I was leaving, that I would need to pay for the two tubes he had installed. If he had at least told me before putting the tubes in that it would incur an additional fee, I would have been fine with it. However, he mentioned nothing about paying more until after he already installed the tubes. To top it off, when I was tried to point out the fact that he should have asked me before charging me, he got all defensive and tried to make it seem like I was the one being irrational. (Reading other reviews here make it seem like I'm not the only one who had an issue with him in this respect).

Long (& frustrating) story short: -No sense of customer service or sense of salesmanship -Took 3 separate trips just to get a tune-up done (and it was NOT done very well either) -NEVER coming back here again. —Leesa

Always 2 sides to every story. Here's mine. Leaving a negative review the day after I call you to remind you to pick up the tire you had me special order and pay for or exchange the tubes I installed on your bike in your original tune up. Yes, your bike was not done when you came in Tuesday morning to get it even though it was promised for 4pm in the afternoon. And when you came back in the afternoon, you did have to wait 5 minutes for your bike because it went flat again after airing it up during your tune up. You "needed it to get to class" so we replaced your old leaking 650c tube with a new one while you waited. Before you went out the door, I mentioned that due to the side of your tire bulging out that you needed a new tire and that it was most likely the cause for your recent flats. You had me order you a tire and I said I would just add the cost of the tubes (the one you watched me replace, and the one I replaced during your tune up) when you picked up the tire. You then insisted that there should be no extra charge due to the coupon you used for your tune up. I explained that I wasn't charging you an additional fee, I was charging you for the tubes. Logically, I can't give away parts for free and that the coupon was good for labor only, not parts. We went back and forth about this to the point of you pulling up the coupon on your phone only to realize that you misunderstood the coupon. I apologized that I didn't call you to get permission to replace your tube, but I've NEVER had anyone not want their bike rideable and was surprised that you were making such a big deal over me replacing such an integral piece to making your bike ridable. Your headset wasn't out of alignment, your stem was slightly askew. This was my mistake as I thought I had straightened it, but it was still slightly off. Time goes by, I called you again to remind you that your tire had come in and that you still owed for the tubes and gave you the option of bringing me replacement tubes since you said that I shouldn't have replaced them without your consent because you might have had tubes at home. You then stated that you no longer wanted the tire I special ordered for you (650c, odd size) and got noticeably frustrated that you couldn't settle your tab for 2 tubes online. I stated I could ring you up over the phone and email you a receipt, but you insisted on coming in to settle up Saturday or Monday. For the record, as of Wednesday you still haven't come in to pay your bill. Then today, (Thursday), you called to bargain with me after consulting with your friends that since you only saw me replace one tube that you only felt obligated to pay for that one, but still had not done so. I stated that at his point I had written you off as "that customer" that just skipped on their bill and that it wasn't worth my time to pursue you over 2 tubes. But after careful consideration, its a matter of principle. Please bring me 2 tubes or pay your tab. Otherwise I will be forced to move forward with legal action. You are not the first student to skip out on a bill, only the first to do it with such disregard.

Long (& VERY Frustrating) Story Short: - Came to pick up bike and got mad it wasn't done even though you showed up 5 hours early - Was mistaken about what coupon covered and when proven wrong, got frustrated that parts were not included - Was given option to exchange tubes or pay, has yet to do either

2013-12-09 11:35:41   Hours may be loose. If you need a part at 11am sharp, call ahead. —ScottB

2014-06-06 09:54:17   What can I say, this place is the best. I always get great service and sound advice. Apex is my go to shop for repairs and service on all my family bikes. —DagonJones

2014-11-01 08:20:15   Aaron's house-call service is invaluable for those of us who have no way to get our bikes to a bike shop. He provided me with new Continental Comfort Contact tires, new tubes, and slime. Parts, labor, and delivery totaled $152. Thank you, Aaron!! —DeborahLattimore

2015-09-16 20:11:44   This is going to be a rather long post, but the short version is that I will never buy anything from APEX again. After doing some quick Yelp research, I decided to check out APEX. I had a nice conversation with Aaron, and he was able to give me a discount making his shop the best option for the bike I was interested in. He said there was two day shipping for most orders, and since it was already later in the afternoon on Wednesday, it probably wouldn't come in until the weekend. No problem, I was out of town for the weekend so I figured I would just pick it up on Monday. I called the shop when I returned, and no one answered. I left a message, but never received a call back that day…or the next. Little did I know that this was only the beginning, and I would not actually get my bike until three weeks later. To be fair, I gave Aaron the benefit of the doubt when he told me my bike was missing from his orders and then the bike becoming back-ordered. However, what I found unacceptable was the customer service. APEX was not updating me, I always had to call them to find out what was happening… and most of the time I called, no one even answered. Despite leaving messages I would still not get called back. Even when I was able to get someone on the phone, there were times I did not feel respected as a customer. For example, when trying to explain the situation to Princess, I was interrupted (“Okay well a customer has walked in so you’ll have to call back”), and hung up on. In the end, Aaron gave me 50% off a lock for my troubles, which I appreciated. If this was the end of the story here, I still might have recommended this shop to others. However, when paying for everything I thought the price seemed a little high. Aaron reassured me it was correct, but upon doing the math when I got home, I of course was overcharged by about $25. This is where I drew the line of unacceptable service. Back to the shop I go to get my change. Aaron acted as if I was nickel and diming him for trying to get the exact amount owed to me, despite his own employee agreeing with my calculations. Ultimately he paid me correctly. Icing on the cake: my tube popped my second time riding the bike. At least they replaced it for free. This place seems to have positive reviews, with a few people that have an awful experience. Maybe I was just unlucky in everything that happened, but I do not plan on returning to APEX and can’t recommend this shop to future customers. —NA

2018-02-25 17:27:05   Ten stars out of ten! What a wonderful service for Davis and what a nice person Aaron Curtin is! Aaron has made house calls to fix my bikes in the last several years. He is friendly, efficient, and the prices for the bike parts and services are excellent. I'm so grateful that he makes house calls - it's another reason I love living in Davis. I highly recommend Apex! Thank you, Aaron! —StudentInDavis