This project is absolutely dead.

The ASUCD Downtown Venue Project is an effort to construct, as the name suggests, an ASUCD downtown venue to showcase under-represented music and arts in the Davis area. Also, a killer dance hall. Parts of the unfinished plan involved the establishment of a Coffee House staffed coffee shop, as well as a possible Davis People's Free School infoshop.

A business plan will be uploaded as soon it is completed. To get involved email


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2009-02-03 20:33:24 Really? I've been trying to get them to do this for years. I would have seriously taken this up, had I not been such a nerd who doesn't actually go to concerts. —BrentLaabs

2009-02-03 23:13:33 best of lucking getting a music venue cracking —StevenDaubert

People have tried to do downtown music venues in the past, they face an uphill battle against the city. Talk to Kevin, etc. Thanks for bringing a fresh new perspective... —StevenDaubert

2009-02-04 17:54:30   Kevin who?

Check out the meeting. There's a possibility of the old futon shop & togo's being the place, but only if we're able to partner with a certain business man who wants to open a restaurant in the futon store, etcetera etcetera, check out the meeting for more info. —Darach that is totally the spot to do it! great minds think alike... I totally want to turn the old futon shop into a nightclub and have the togos spot be a connected restaurant, but alas. Kevin is the guy on the wiki who runs sophias bar, he's tried to do dedicated music venue and got some flack from the city... Daubert

2009-05-26 21:47:34   So, any progress? —BrentLaabs