ASUCD Elections — Now Celebrating 100 Years of Student Representation (and occasional scandal)

ASUCD Elections occur in the seventh week of Fall and Winter Quarters. In Fall Quarter six ASUCD Senators are elected and in the winter six more ASUCD Senators as well as the Presidential ticket — the ASUCD President and ASUCD Vice President.

The elections are administered by the ASUCD Elections Committee, and Choice Voting is used in ASUCD Elections.

Next election: Fall 2016 Election

Past Elections

Party Eras

ASUCD election history can be broken up into approximately four segments.  While the two party system is almost always a fight between conservatives/greeks and progressives/communities, there are clear spots following party collapse that creates new groupings.

The First Era begins with the data and ends in Fall 2007.  This is easily the longest Era, as no two parties have managed to exist together as long as LEAD and Student Focus.  There were attempts to punctuate the power between the two parties by the Orwellians, but neither of the two parties suffered directly from it.  This era ends after the collapse of Student Focus into GO which then collapsed into nothing.

The Second Era begins with the election in Winter 2008 and ends in Fall 2010.  This period was primarily a one-party system dominated by LEAD as it moved away from it's progressive roots and towards the ideology of "well, it's just us".  JAM and ACT both operated in this time period as well, but never ran full slates of candidates and didn't continue from election to election.  This caused Independents to be the primary opposing force.  This era ended with the creation of BOLD, leading to the destruction of LEAD.

The Third Era begins in Winter 2011 and ends in Winter 2014.  The progressives re-organized themselves in SMART while the conservatives and moderates from BOLD created NOW, leading to a brief period of stable, competitive parties and the first half of the era was BOLD v whoever else was elected.  This era ended after the Winter election of 2014, wherein NOW disbanded after losing the presidential election and SMART collapsed without an organized opposition.

The Fourth Era begin in Fall 2014 and ends in Winter 2015 marked by a total disinterest in ASUCD by the student body, uncompetitive elections, and no party stability.

The Fifth Era begins in Fall 2015, with the progressive re-organizing themselves into BASED and programmatically focused individuals organizing themselves into Summit. BASED continues as Summit fell apart with no clear direction and was replaced by the Unite! slate with their introduction within ASUCD in the Fall 2017 elections. 


Voter Turnout

When comparing this data it is important to keep in mind that Winter Elections also include the Executive ticket race so turnout is traditionally higher in the Winter than it is in the Fall. This data is the furthest back that former Elections Committee Chair, Jonathon Leathers had for ASUCD Elections and is taken from this webpage.

Election Date # of Voters # of Senate Candidates Electoral System Notes
Fall 2000 2246 19 Block Voting  
Winter 2001 2854 14 Block Voting  
Fall 2001 2294 19 Block Voting  
Winter 2002 3966 16 Block Voting  
Fall 2002 8567 13 Block Voting Campus Expansion Initiative
Winter 2003 3881 15 Block Voting The number of voters is an estimate. See this page for details.
Fall 2003 2448 16 Choice Voting  
Winter 2004 4068 14 Choice Voting  
Fall 2004 3584 20 Choice Voting  
Winter 2005 3718 23 Choice Voting 8 Open Senate Seats
Fall 2005 2145 13 Choice Voting  
Winter 2006 2869 14 Choice Voting  
Fall 2006 3621 17 Choice Voting  
Winter 2007 5447 20 Choice Voting ASUCD Winter 2007 Unitrans Fee
Fall 2007 4613 13 Choice Voting  
Winter 2008 2694 9 Choice Voting  
Fall 2008 3028 9 Choice Voting  
Winter 2009 6142 15 Choice Voting The Green Initiative Fund
Fall 2009 3802 15 Choice Voting  
Winter 2010 3907 13 Choice Voting  
Fall 2010 3154 12 Choice Voting  
Winter 2011 3466 13 Choice Voting  
Fall 2011 2810 7 Choice Voting  
Winter 2012 4933 15 Choice Voting  
Fall 2012 5249 14 Choice Voting  
Winter 2013 6252 19 Choice Voting  
Fall 2013 3788 10 Choice Voting  
Winter 2014 6888 15 Choice Voting Save the Aggie
Fall 2014 2896 7 Choice Voting  
Winter 2015 792 6 Choice Voting  
Fall 2015 2609 16 Choice Voting  
Fall 2016 2,116 10 Choice Voting ASUCD Judicial Branch Dissolution Amendment
Winter 2016 4441 19 Choice Voting

Print the Aggie, The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF)

Fall 2017 1,289 6 Choice Voting  
Winter 2018 2,956 21 Choice Voting  
Fall 2018        
Winter 2019 6,034 24 Choice Voting Unitrans Referendum

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